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Alternate Shot- auto concede putt occurring....

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Sun, Jul 16 2023 4:37 PM (0 replies)
  • arkage57
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    Sun, Jul 16 2023 4:37 PM

    Happened last night and then again today- not all the time, but some par putts are being "auto cc'd".

    We had match on Merion, 13 greens. We were sitting at a foot for par, opponents were above the hole for birdie. Player missed  cup and ended 13 feet below the hole. No sooner was it their turn for par putt, and Putt Conceded popped up and we went to hole 7.

    We were not given chance to putt out our par attempt... we were just on hole 7... where it happened again, this time to our team.  They are sitting at gimme range, we are 8 feet out to halve... and Putt Conceded comes up and we are on 8 tee box.

    Good group of people, all chatting the entire round. We all posted in chat same thing at same time... WTH is going on here???