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Selling Clubs

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Wed, May 24 2023 11:16 AM (1 replies)
  • TheBrick1
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    Sun, May 21 2023 12:22 PM

    I have un-equipped my driver by equipping the Starter driver.  Then I try to sell clubs and nothing happens.  In the steam app, I hit the "Sell" button and then again to confirm and it brings me back to the equipment page, with no added credits and if "Edit Equipment" the driver I wish to sell is still there.  When I try in to di it from the browser, it says I successfully sold the club and the credits are added to my account but I still have the club and there were no credits added to my account.

  • SamSpayed
    4,841 Posts
    Wed, May 24 2023 11:16 AM

    What driver are you trying to sell?  Did you buy it as part of a Steam bundle?