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Southern England Links vs Royal and Grand Leigh Valley GC

Wed, Mar 29 2023 10:45 AM (16 replies)
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  • Nicozandberg
    721 Posts
    Fri, Mar 10 2023 5:02 AM

    Above the match ups for the very first meeting between Southern England Links CC an Royal and Grand Leigh Valley GC. Good luck to both teams.

    18 Holes Matchplay PGA National
    Set to Ranked (automatic conditions)
    90 sec timer , 7 time outs
    No Apparel or Focus Boost may be used
    Players must report scores on the WGT Public forum thread (here).
    Any player having any advice on shots/clubs during a match will forfeit the match.
    Points awarded - Win 3 Points, Win after extra holes 2 points, Loss after extra holes 1 point, Straight Loss 0 points
    Matches must be arranged by 24 March  and be completed by Sunday 2 April midnight UK time.
    SEL 17 - 15 RGLV (2 matches remaining)


    PTrenter beats Razzorrsa extra Holes

    Bruce033 beats Golferku 2UP

    JMVonskye beats Bunters1 3Up

    xxDannyxx0 draws Stanley0381 (no extra holes played)

    JHusJr beats Golferleroy 2UP

    BamaKWallace loses to WalsallJack 1dwn

    Trinbagoboy loses to Booderina Forfeit 

    Stephen0316 beats Invinceable222 2UP

    Dougal7 loses to IBrads extra holes

    KenBTexas loses to Sirobertsx extra holes

    Ranger1988 loses to BigUnit02 2dwn
  • Stanley0381
    260 Posts
    Fri, Mar 10 2023 6:07 AM

    Thanks Nico for setting this up and we are very much looking forward to our 1st ever inter club match.

    Good luck everyone who takes part (and thanks all for volunteering). Don’t forget to post your scores here and any interesting anecdotes, stories etc etc. 

  • PTrenter
    435 Posts
    Tue, Mar 14 2023 3:28 PM

    A great comeback from Razorrsa who was 3 holes down on the home stretch but I managed to force the narrowest of wins on the 3rd extra hole.

    Johan is a top fella, and I hope we catch up again soon.

  • bruce033
    72 Posts
    Wed, Mar 15 2023 7:11 AM

    won my match against golferku. made a couple more putts then he did. good game

  • jmvonskye
    1 Posts
    Wed, Mar 15 2023 9:51 AM

    Nice match today with Bunsters1, I won 3Up and surprisingly I was not that bad with my putt.

    Really enjoyed the game thank you for the organization.

  • Stanley0381
    260 Posts
    Wed, Mar 15 2023 11:04 AM

    Match 13 between JMVonskye and bunters1 ended up a win 3 and 2 to JMVonskye. 

    Great game by all accounts and congrats to JMVonskye on winning this game.

    I make that 3-0 to SEL so far but a loooooonnnnnggggg way to go yet.

    Good luck to all of those still to play

  • jhusjr
    24 Posts
    Wed, Mar 15 2023 5:34 PM

    Match 1 between Jhusjr & GolferLeroy


    Ended up a 2 UP SEL win after matching birdies on 17.  Ben was awesome to play with, we both made it around the course in about 45 minutes.  Great playing with you Ben.

  • Stanley0381
    260 Posts
    Thu, Mar 16 2023 2:10 AM

    A titanic match between myself and Danni ended all square on 18 which either of us could have won it. We halved the 19th too and we both forgot match was to be played to an end. In addition we lost chat option on th me game and my wife was giving me some daggers as dinner was now well overdue (I got my timings wrong on how long game would take) so when Danni offered a half on the 20th I took it. 

    From chatting with Nico agreed with his suggestion to have 1 point each so a fair result.

    Great game Danni and very well played as well as great company- we had quite a chat which maybe why chat option got disabled. Enjoyed it very much indeed and good luck to you in your World Cup match 

  • Stanley0381
    260 Posts
    Thu, Mar 16 2023 5:40 PM

    2 more results in

    Walsalljack beat BamakWallace - 1 up

    Invinceable222 lost to Stephen03116 - 2 and 1.



  • Trinbagoboy
    286 Posts
    Thu, Mar 16 2023 5:56 PM

    Trinbagoboy vs Booderino

    John was 4 up on the 11th I think when this happened 

    So sorry John got the blue screen of death and computer shut down

    We will call that a win for you and if you like just play again over weekend for the fun of it .

    I was twitching and I think that's what did it 

    You were playing a blinder too mate my apologies once again.


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