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Hello, from the Fairway Fanatics Golf Club

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Mon, Jan 30 2023 4:42 AM (0 replies)
  • HockeyTown2g
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    Mon, Jan 30 2023 4:42 AM

    Hello from the Fairway Fanatics Golf Club. We are a rewarding, supportive, active community of virtual golf fans. We always have much going on, be it club tournaments, weekly, monthly, long competitions and one offs.

    This week we are starting our Winter Leagues with several divisions of our club, squaring off against one another, in stroke. In match play, we also have a league going on too with many different divisions active against one another.

    We will be starting on February 1st our next round of our FedEx Cup. And our year long Order of Merit, is ongoing.

    We are heavily involved in Discord Voice and chat for new and existing members, and we’ve just launched on open Fairway Fanatics channel on Discord to engage players, have fun and give those a chance considering a change in Country Clubs to see the fun we all have here. We also have a private forum for our members dedicated to read and learn about club events and standings.
    We at The Fairway Fanatics look forward to seeing all of you, out on the greens!!

    Open Discord game channel: