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Showdown Trying to Connect Forfeit

Fri, Apr 21 2023 1:21 PM (39 replies)
  • hackerusa1
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    Sat, Jan 28 2023 3:21 PM


    What a shame and waste of time. Have reported but no response from support. Any one else get this?

    As soon as it happens, CLOSE the App(game) and reopen it...

    Me too waited 20 min no connected turn off restarted went to hole 4 3 over i hit 1 shot 

  • hackerusa1
    2 Posts
    Sat, Jan 28 2023 10:11 PM

    That doesnt work end up on 4 3 over not right 

  • Squatch031
    187 Posts
    Sun, Feb 26 2023 7:34 AM

    My suspicion is that some losers shut down their computer in an effort to get you to forfeit. I have had a couple try it on me.  I waited for over and hour on one and he finally forfeited.

  • Squatch031
    187 Posts
    Sun, Feb 26 2023 7:37 AM

    WGT, where are you?  Do you not monitor and provide input/solutions?  You guys are quickly killing your business.  Better hope nobody comes up with an alternative to WGT.

  • KjellJohansson
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    Thu, Mar 2 2023 5:10 AM

    Arcade showdown, 7 under through 15.

    Birdie 16, short birdie putt on 17. That's when my opponent decides to quit, possibly shutting down. Game freezes! Close app and restart, but the game is gone.

    Instead of 9, possibly 10 under and a top-10 finish I end up 4 under at pos 57.

    *grumble, grumble*

  • DelahayeG
    755 Posts
    Tue, Mar 21 2023 6:03 AM


    Why during a Showdown game if your opponent forfeits, you are disconnected and your score for the 3 holes is 3 boggeys.

    While I am at -5 I go down to -2 being on an eagle position and 1 hole to play behind.

    Thx WGT


  • M4rk80
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    Wed, Mar 22 2023 11:37 AM

    Generally getting a bit fed up of people forfeiting just because they are in a losing position, can’t we just stop forfeits, particularly on games that are only 3 hole? Twice this week already I’ve been locked out because someone has switched off and they have both been above master level. Is it that important not to lose?

  • el3n1
    4,498 Posts
    Wed, Mar 22 2023 4:02 PM

    Twice this week already I’ve been locked out because someone has switched off

    "switching off" and actually going thru the steps to click on the "concede / forfeit" button are two different things.  

    but I agree, it is annoying and unsportsmanlike when you encounter players who rage quit without taking formal steps to concede their match - especially if it can cause a logic hangup and prevent you from properly winning your match.  and some likely have learned doing so may increase their chances of stealing a win and that is why they try to do it possibly without conceding properly.


    the formal rules of match play golf - allow for a player to "concede" their match or what most people call forfeit on WGT. 

     in fact it is actually respectful to properly "concede / forfeit" imho, unless you really want to practice and waste ball hits, especially since WGT charges everyone essentially to play based on ball use.