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Driver Upgrade

Wed, Jan 25 2023 12:45 PM (12 replies)
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  • Fist0Blister
    28 Posts
    Sun, Jan 15 2023 12:25 PM

    I'm in the same boat being level 93 with Callaway Rouge ST(L85+) and I dont see a better option specifically Meter Speed and distance.I wont buy another drive until Level 102 for the Titleist TSI3 driver for the distance.Thats a lot of XP's between 94 and 102.


  • YouLostToALoser
    190 Posts
    Mon, Jan 23 2023 9:10 PM


    Tournaments are meaningless. Coin rooms are quick fun.

    We find meaning in what we’re good and/or successful at.

    I can maintain a good ball (TP5 L92 650cr) have updated all my clubs, keeping the L85/6 driver, 3 wood and irons, whilst upgrading all of them, and have enough to swap my L96 driver for the L102 driver…all with ads and winnings, and I haven’t got started hunkering down to play for bigger prizes, as I’m practicing in the free tournaments.

    I have enough coins to play every room except Bellagio, but upgraded everything to the cost of 7 million coins, (have 3.5m atm).

    Won first Showdown I’ve played since February 2021 when I first became a Legend tier, and 4th ever.

    I think Tournements help a lot more with playing in coin rooms than playing in coin rooms can ever help you playing Tournements and coin rooms give you just coins to play more. Tournements give you credits to buy balls…the most important and expensive part of the game.

    I find both fun, but in different ways. Tournements are challenging, coin rooms are a bit random and can be boring so that’s why I try out differant shots instead of playing practice rounds. At least I can upgrade my aperel and get some new clothes for my guy.

    ps, could’ve been more succinct, but had to get in the Showdown win somehow ;-)

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