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How to find active Country Club

Wed, Aug 10 2022 3:36 AM (1 replies)
  • CH1Raoul
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    Tue, Aug 9 2022 4:25 PM

    Hi! I've been playing WGT for about a month now. I am currently in a country club but I'm a bit surprised how many CC's advertise for new members but when you look at the CC page you see so many members and CC officers who haven't played in years, per the info on the page. I'm wondering why WGT doesn't automatically remove inactive players from CC's if inactive for 6 months or more? That would be my suggestion, anyway.  I've been in a couple CC's now and it's hard to figure out which ones are active. The info on CC tournaments and such look interesting, but when a majority of listed CC members haven't played in a year plus, it takes the purpose and fun out of joining a Country Club. Just my humble opinion and observations of a newer player. Thanks!  :)

  • alosso
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    Wed, Aug 10 2022 3:36 AM

    IMHO, WGT won't mess with CCs easily because it's private territory. As a sign of this, the first owner has to pay for it!

    Your observation fits to a lot of CCs, unfortunately. This may be due to the fact that players lose interest in the game, and owners are no exception. (add serious changes in their lives' conditions...)

    To find an active CC, the best thing may be to post here, because there will be a few posters asking you to join them.

    When looking at a certain CC, look for the following:

    - an active owner, showing that he has played recently (last round played),

    - only a minority of members in the "Recruit" status, showing that the owner actively cares for his CC,

    - sorting the members by "last round", you'd see how many are active and if they are in your tier (good for game company).

    In your current CC, all points would get a negative connotation by me.
    They owner has last played 2019 and only 10 players have played this year (all recruits). Speaking bluntly, this CC is dead even though it doesn't know yet.

    Before looking actively, you may want to quit your inactive CC as a sign of your serious intentions...

    I'd not apply for membership blindly by the button but by first asking the owner on his wall whether he will accept you (or even, if he'd invite you). You may also ask about special points which may be important for you, like common activities, communication apps etc.

    Good luck to you!!