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Daily & Weekly Players Wanted

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Fri, Jul 1 2022 7:08 AM (0 replies)
  • Jake06250
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    Fri, Jul 1 2022 7:08 AM

    How’s it going guys and gals. My name is Jake and I hail from L.A.  Don’t even think Los Angelos, you wouldn’t even be close.  I’m talking bout đŸŽ¶Sweet Home AlabamađŸŽ¶
    Anyways that’s enough of my terribly dry sometimes nonexistent humor. I have removed all members of Lower Alabama Birdie Club due to lengthy amounts of time since their last date played. We have in the past been a relatively small club which was more like a trial & error for myself as a club owner. Anyone could join and we had no rules or requirements. This time around I’d like to change those things in an effort to create a club whose members are able to stay relatively sharp or make strides in a direction of improvement with fairly consistent play. That being said this club will not expect members to play every day, unless of course you’d like to which would be great. I myself have a family, a career, among other things and hope to attract like minded friends to have some good casual yet competitive fun as often as we can. I normally login and play at least a few holes or matches every day but have been known to let a full week slip by without playing which is just part of a busy life. Use that as your guideline in regards to amount of play in deciding wether or not this club is for you. As far as skill level goes I’m not going to set requirements immediately but basically I’m looking for members that can compete at my skill level.(Master/82/Legend Killer). If WGT shows you with a skill level in that neighborhood +/- a level or two you will be granted a probationary membership status until you are able to play a few three hole or better rounds with one of the clubs officers of which is just me at the moment, but excited to see that change.

    So just to wrap it up and get everyone on their way to requesting a membership to the Lower Alabama Birdie Club I’ll end with this. We play with Respect and Kindness and while we probably won’t being winning any world wide live tournaments we surely will not settle for just playing the game. I do not like to lose, but understand the value of defeat in a competitive scenario as the quickest way to understanding and improving my mistakes on my way to sweet victory!!!  Be blessed and Hit’em Straight. I look forward to meeting you all.