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Thu, Apr 18 2024 8:52 AM (311 replies)
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    Thu, Apr 18 2024 8:52 AM
    Lizzie - we miss you . ---------- She is your lover she is your friend, her caress soothes an aching heart, her kiss behind the ear is a whisper heaven sent, her breath upon your cheek speaks of pleasure beyond endure. You feel her ever near and know to her you will yield, her siren call so strong from across a crowded room a silent whispered call, "I want you" mouthed by lip and look alone, a loop of golden tress, hooked over deft and clever so, says all you need to know. You feel so strong and proud with her gentle acquiesce, and boldly stride strident out, heart pounding in your breast, hope enlivened clear you tell her she must not fear, and you miss the curl of simper smile, the look she casts away, lost now in her grip, lost and glad forsooth. You cannot remember aye, those early days of bliss, when every shot you made, was rewarded with her kiss, the days when wind was foul, yet never did you miss, and all the while you hover, twixt this world and the next, for in her silken talons, she carries you to her nest. Helpless now to falter, nor take a backward step, your fate was sealed and long ago, from her sweet embrace, you no longer care to flee, and she looks out upon you now, that smile a smile of glee. Still you must not wonder, nor ever question so, her ways you took to heart when you were set to go. VEM is all of this, and wonders never cease, this she that holds you now, and will not, will not bring you peace.