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Mon, Jan 24 2022 4:34 AM (2 replies)
  • Cuser44
    1,009 Posts
    Sat, Jan 22 2022 9:57 AM

    Thank you to JDGHost and to the members of The Founders Club for accepting a merger with East Coast CC.  It was a tough decision but one that was a long time coming for East Coast.

    Our membership, as is happening to other CCs, was on a drastic decline and a merger was much needed.  To the remaining members, which only a few play regularly, you are welcome to join here or find any other CC you wish.

    Good Luck and May the Winds be with you.


    Cuser44  signing off for the last time as an East Coast director.


  • AlaskanDame
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    Sat, Jan 22 2022 10:20 PM

    I’m so glad it’s working out for East Coast and The Founders.

    In December, a similar tough decision was made over at IBIS.  A couple dozen of their most active players came over to The Friendly Active Players Club.  It’s been great meeting new people, getting brackets filled faster, and finding more ALT partners, plus the greater competition on leaderboards and even more variety in the comps than we used to have.

    We still have room if any tired owner is so inclined.  I’m not into numbers; just want to help those who still enjoy WGT to keep having fun.


  • Nicozandberg
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    Mon, Jan 24 2022 4:34 AM

    I know it's a tough decision, but it's the way to go imo.

    Recruitment with this new version has become increasingly difficult with no decent messaging - or easy accessible invite system available. 

    If you are an owner of a club with 50 or less ACTIVE players, it is so much better for you and your members to join an established club with a well established tournament structure, offline forums, Discord channels etc,   and as AKD rightly said, fill up those brackets. 

    So, if you would consider something like this have a look at our advert and contact JessicallHill21 or join up with fine clubs like above.

    Wishing East Coast's & IBIS's former memebers all the best