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The "2022" CEverett Alt-Shot World Championship

Tue, May 3 2022 9:24 AM (486 replies)
  • carlosdev
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    Sat, Jan 15 2022 9:09 AM

    Hey Topper bro

    15 Jan
    IRISHKING1916 and carlosdev defeated allcckandmuscle and kelsp in a 18-hole Alternate Shot game on TORREY PINES GOLF COURSE.

    An hour before, we played our game. It was good and a great fun game. All up and down till hole 17. Some great putts by King, Kp and Rob all the way up to hole 17.
    On hole 18, little dramatic and we got the bird and won 1 up.
    Please note: I couldn't cc a 3 ft putt because there was a wgt glitch and hence no button to CC. I couldn't write it on chat because chat was disabled too. My apologies to Kp and Rob (only) for that moment as it led to some confusion. In case, the replay is on my twitch :)
    Thanks everyone for tuning in. Appreciate it very much. 
    See ya all laters. 
    - Varun
  • mikegooner0
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    Sat, Jan 15 2022 9:38 AM

    Mikegooner0/FEDMOON 1up bt Steve58300/Veber42.

    the only time we were ahead in the match ...jammy gits!

  • Schmails3
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    Sat, Jan 15 2022 10:11 AM

    Enjoyed the match and company Shaleo83 and Immortalyoda.  

    Bshake08 and Schmails move on 3&2. 


  • tiptopTOPPIN
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    Sat, Jan 15 2022 11:09 AM


    tiptopTOPPIN and odl75 defeated GBP1705 and bigjoeman07 in a 18-hole Alternate Shot game on TORREY PINES GOLF COURSE.

    GG Guys..

  • GBP1705
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    Sat, Jan 15 2022 11:18 AM

    Very good game Sean & Rob, thanks for the lesson, gl in rest of the Comp


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    Sat, Jan 15 2022 12:31 PM

    AUSSIEMICK11 and KARTIKAYAN  defeated JACOBITE12 and HORATIOW by 1 UP in extra holes.

    oo Wow , what a wonderful match , we were 3DN till 12th hole  and 2DN till 16th hole but then my partner Mick (AussieMick11 ) done awesome putting in 17 th and 18th hole and sadly Allistair (Jacobite12) missed putt in those holes by a inch very very unlucky.  We went to 20th hole and won the game by 1up. 

    Allistair and Sam (horatiow) played awesome , ty guys for this wonderful game :)

    Also CTTH for hole 3 is from Aussie Mick -  8.4 ft 

  • Quincy2003
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    Sat, Jan 15 2022 2:12 PM

    Great match mikeeeeeee672 and doran908!  Back and forth the entire match!  mrtebbs and quincy2003 advance 1up.

  • pjbhai
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    Sat, Jan 15 2022 2:39 PM

    Hole 3 CTTH for pjbhai and Tabarnak777 (4 ft)


  • Nativa1
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    Sat, Jan 15 2022 3:56 PM

    Hi There

    hope this is the right place to post score results

    Buffilogolfer72, Nativa1 1up against Bruce033, Yeraway

    thanks Ivan


  • Nativa1
    19 Posts
    Sat, Jan 15 2022 5:57 PM

    Close game. Great fun

    Buffilogolfer72.Nativa1 1 up against Bruce033.Yeraway