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The "2022" CEverett Alt-Shot World Championship

Tue, May 3 2022 9:24 AM (486 replies)
  • donarsky61
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    Thu, Jan 13 2022 1:24 PM

    Great match with great friends Beermoose60 and Donarsky61 win 6 up


  • JMH1
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    Thu, Jan 13 2022 3:04 PM

    Heckuva match between two teams from Fairway Fanatics!

    pekk24/BobbyJ10019 defeated Irzy/JMH1 1 up on the 19th hole

    Rich and Robert went two up after two holes, but Irz and Jack came back to tie the match after 4 holes. Robert started sinking everything in sight and he and Rich were 2 up after 15 holes. Birdies on 16, 17, and 18 by Irz and Jack forced the match into extra holes.

    On the first extra hole, both teams had 11 foot birdie putts. Irzy's hung on the lip, but Rich's was dead center.

    A great match !  Best of luck going forward to Rich and Robert.



  • pekk24
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    Thu, Jan 13 2022 3:07 PM

    pekk24/bobbyj10019 win 1 up over JMH1/irzy 

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    Thu, Jan 13 2022 5:29 PM

    JDGHOST & mihtymouse79 got the win over epspetx/jacktrade51 3&1  

    We went 4 up  early but those guys never quit and battled back and after 14 our lead was cut in half...we halved  15  But my partner Casey on 16 (long Par 3) hit a dart to 1.8 to seal the win...Good Guys enjoyed the round!! 

    ALSO epspetx  Hit a stellar shot on #8 for an ACE!!!  ­čś▓­čś▓

  • morgan1464
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    Thu, Jan 13 2022 5:32 PM

    Morgan1464 and Swordthegamer won our match against Young46 and BlaisAlex. Thanks for the match guys.

    Swordthegamer hit a shot within 3.1 feet on hole 8 and 2.8 feet on hole 16

    Morgan1464 hit a shot within 3.6ft on hole 11.


  • ShellyVan
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    Thu, Jan 13 2022 5:47 PM

    What a great game....all 18, went back and forth...1 up, AS, 1 down...etc. Ended up all same going on the 18th.  My partner was lucky enough to sink the ball to give us the win.  Such a fun game, with great people...Duffy616 and Shellyvan win this time.

  • jacktrade51
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    Thu, Jan 13 2022 5:50 PM

    We went 4 up  early

    What JDGHOST forgot to say is they birdied the first 10 holes (conceding the 5 ft putt on #8 where my partner aced), including 3 putts from downtown.

    We put up a good fight on the back 9 but too little too late.  Nice win by them.


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    Thu, Jan 13 2022 6:10 PM

     friday, january 14:

    7 pm spanish time  

    mralfsyrinx and jaxteller08 .  VS . doilerc and jschins . 

    live streaming channels:

    .doylerc - Twitch

    .Charlizki - Twitch


    friday, january 14

    10 pm spanish time

    suertenotfound and RI99 . VS . samwiseLUFC and jmugsy1

    live broadcast channels:

    .Ri99_golfo - Twitch


  • GBP1705
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    Fri, Jan 14 2022 9:12 AM

    Arranged for 6pm UK time Saturday 15th

  • JaxTeller08
    132 Posts
    Fri, Jan 14 2022 1:22 PM

    Hi all 1 Round Zone B


    Mralfsyrinx and Jaxteller08. vs. Doylerc and Jschins


    Mralfsyrinx and Jaxteller08 Win 2Up


    Fantastic match with emotion until the end, Thx Clem, Jerry, Alfonso, well done folks.