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Play Your Own Way - Friendly golf cc

Thu, Nov 18 2021 8:16 AM (3 replies)
  • Cleworthy
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    Sat, Oct 23 2021 8:31 AM

    “Play your own way” means that our members are free to pursue this fine game any way they see fit.

    • No requirement for club events, Clashes, Turf Wars or daily play
    • No rules to follow, no badgering, no shaming, no demands
    • No requirement to buy club passes
    • No social media requirements

    You will be welcomed regardless of your tier, how you play or where you are from

    • Mobile, PC/Steam, Mac
    • Coin Room, Alt Shot, Match Play, Multiplayer Stroke, Tournaments
    • All Nationalities
    • Hacks to Tour Champs

    If you join you will find:

    • Free weekly tournaments for all levels of play - from easy to expert
    • Regular special event tourneys including a team event
    • A responsive forum and a willingness to help
    • Friendly members and zero pressure

     No invitation needed. Find Friendly golf cc and join now.

         (Jim) Cleworthy, owner

  • Cleworthy
    2,899 Posts
    Sun, Nov 7 2021 1:20 PM


  • ndsmith1
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    Tue, Nov 16 2021 10:45 AM

    I'm currently a member of a club that sounds like yours--different kinds of tournaments, including especially tier specific events. We have around 75 members plus or minus, from all levels. Our problem lately has been that the number of active players has been going down--to the point where too many club tournaments (including especially the tiered tournaments) are getting only a few players each week. I would estimate that we now have only 15-20 players playing regularly.

    I am not an owner or an officer of my club, but there has been talk in our forum about the possibility of merging our members into another similar club. We have also had some difficulty having a sufficient number of officers and our owner is tired of running it with no one stepping in to take over. Would your club be willing to accept all (or at least all interested) members of what is now another club? If so, let me know, and I can put you in touch with our owner and perhaps you can work out the details. 

    Many thanks in advance for considering the issue!


  • Cleworthy
    2,899 Posts
    Thu, Nov 18 2021 8:16 AM

    Nick - I have posted an invitation on your wall and sent you a friend request. We would be happy to have any interested (and active) members from your club become part of ours. Thanks for the post. Jim