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I have tried to join 2 CC's

Thu, Oct 21 2021 4:07 AM (2 replies)
  • JDocBurns
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    Wed, Oct 20 2021 2:05 PM

    since coming back.  I have had very serious and life threatening health issues for many years now and still do  but I am playing good for how bad my health is.  I wanna be a part of a club who wants a good player who main reasonis for fun.  But I join a club and do not know if have been accepted ot not.  I have had 2 clubs deny me.  Why?  I have not idea but 2 others I don't know about since there is no welcome or thanks for choosing us or anything so I want to be in a club with others who like playing and have fun and wanna move up the leaderboard.  

  • BogeyOne
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    Wed, Oct 20 2021 3:21 PM


  • kasia1967
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    Thu, Oct 21 2021 4:07 AM

    Kasias korner only open 2 weeks reached level 5 we have shot pal putter pal and slowly increasing to 23 members exciting times here ..friendly community stress free and fun games includes a alt shot league  match play and now just starting cc vs cc match ups , sunday we meet together for fun games with members and friends to play various games ie bingo bango bongo if you decide you would like to give us a try please dont hesitate to read my blog and contact myself OR my fellow assistants.

    we also ask our members in what they also would like to see more going dorward with the club everyone is very together in what were trying to achieve,we also you discord which is easy to download and that way we set up games and talk in a private server chatroom

    kasia1967   Allqvie   DORAN908