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2021 Andyson Memorial Tournament line up and scores

Thu, Jun 30 2022 2:20 PM (582 replies)
  • Shedlite
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    Sun, Aug 15 2021 7:28 PM


    Its ready at last .... this round everybody plays the exception being tiewaz who gets a pass to the round of 32 (being the lowest score of the lowest qualifing Tier) after your match the winner advances. You'll have two weeks to set up and play your match next round begins when all matches are completed. Good luck and have fun


    Winner Matchplay Tournament Kelsp, Well done and Congratulations 

    kelsp vs   TomCarioca 

    • Eliminated round of 4:  SamSpayed, Marcob300 
    • Eliminated round of 8:Phippo20040 ,Allqvie, doylerc, Borat74 
    • Eliminated round of 16:TSOULARA ,Yiannis1970, dandycap, WigerToods2010, dacrash, Mikee672, Amateur4sure, wleiss  
    • Eliminated round of 32: Slimjim001, ibprime, Gotsodriver, Leggoman13, jerseyjake72, Steve58300, Foooze,  WildCoast, Shedlite, mrshanestaley, Rossembo, wedge0837, MissyLynn77, Tiewaz, MioKontic ,gilly2017 
    • Eliminated round of 64:WUISENRIKE, DufferJohn7, Twinponds169, Jason01291, Lippy78, chookie15, Tdotdoba, Next260, pbd1, RogerRR, Douggongles, golferXreturns, KenBTexas, donkey8798, conveyorguy, Bader76, drmoose, AnaNikolaj,hpurey



    This will be the last round; the two remaining players can decide course to play. Best score wins. If you can arrange a head-to-head matchup, do it. No cut line, just don't end in a tie lol. If you want, play an 18hole match play round till there is a winner

    FINAL ROUND at Torry Pines 18hole 

    WUISENRIKE -9 vs   Yiannis1970 -11  (winner)

    9:30pm CET (3:30pm EST) (UTC+1)     

    twitch link1  WUISEN - Twitch

    twitch link2 yiannis1970bandit - Twitch

    • Missed cut rnd 16 at Best of Hardest------- WigerToods2010(62)
    • Missed Cut Rnd 15 at Best of Famouse----- Beryman(59), doylerc(NS)                 
    • Missed cut Rnd 14 atSt.Andrews-----MissyLynn77(60)
    • Missed cut Rnd13 at ToryPines----SamSpayed(63), kelsp(61)
    • Missed cut rnd12 at Olympic ----Miokontic(63),TomCarioca(61), jerseyjake72(61) 
    • Missed Cut Rnd 11 at Erin Hills----Phippo20040(64), conveyorguy(66), gilly2017(ns), allqvie(ns)    
    • Missed Cut Rnd 10 at Oakmont ---Twinponds169(62), TSOULARA (63), Slimjim001(64), WildCoast(64), dacrash(69) 
    • Missed Cur Rd 9 at Wolf Creeek -------
    • Missed Cut Rnd 8 at Bethpage ----------
    • Missed Cut Rnd 7 at Chambers Bay-------DufferJohn7(66), Tdotdoba (68), Leggoman13(67), donkey8798(70), Borat74(ns), Mrshanestaley(ns)
    • Missed cut rd 6 at Pinehurst no.2 ---------wedge0837(66), hpurey(66), dandycap(66), Amateur4sure(66), Gotsodriver(71), Mikee672(NS), lonniescott711(66), Marcob300(NS),  Foooze(68)
    • missed cut rd 5 at Congressional --------dekronk (72)
    • Missed cut rd 4 at Pebble Beach ----------Tiewaz(ns)
    • Missed cut rd 3 at Merion --------Steve58300 (69), Shedlite (70), Bader76(ns), KenBTexas(ns), borntobesting(ns),  RoggRR(ns), Jason01291(ns), wleiss(ns)
    • missed cut rd 2 at Royal St.George----------ibprime(NS),pdb1(ns)
    • missed cut for kiawah-------drmoose (77), golferXreturns(NS), Next260(NS), Douggongles(NS), chookie15(NS), Lippy78(NS)


  • Beryman
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    Mon, Aug 16 2021 12:13 PM
    08.16.21 Kiawah Island: The Ocean Course Full 18 Tour Champion 61
  • Allqvie
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    Mon, Aug 16 2021 1:26 PM


    Messy front 9, back 9 better, fun to start playing!


  • jerseyjake72
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    Mon, Aug 16 2021 1:55 PM

  • hpurey
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    Mon, Aug 16 2021 4:13 PM
    08.16.21 Kiawah Island: The Ocean Course Full 18 Tour Champion  61
  • Slimjim001
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    Mon, Aug 16 2021 4:30 PM

    Am I missing something? Has the Match play started? If so, who plays who? I see the list of players but no bracket. Help!

  • Shedlite
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    Mon, Aug 16 2021 6:10 PM

    2 tournaments running side by side match and stroke match not set up yet still working it out because of low turn out. the list of players is for the stroke portion if your there you entered that as well

  • wedge0837
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    Mon, Aug 16 2021 7:17 PM
    08.17.21 Kiawah Island: The Ocean Course Full 18 Tour Legend 64
  • AnaNikolaj
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    Tue, Aug 17 2021 1:17 AM


    Am I missing something? Has the Match play started? If so, who plays who? I see the list of players but no bracket. Help!


    We're matched up in round 1. FR sent ;-) 

  • Shedlite
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    Tue, Aug 17 2021 2:13 AM

    well a weak 66 for me on kiawah  but its still fun :o)