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Mon, Oct 31 2022 10:21 PM (27 replies)
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    Sun, May 23 2021 4:02 AM


    I know people random invite . Probably all day long .

      Is anyone else able or not able to join in random invites ?

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    Ummm That would be me!!

    I don't even bother to search anymore ...I have given up hope WGT will ever get the "Lobby" situation in ALL formats back to the way it was on "Flash"

    How those days were great ....NEVER struggled to find  random players OR to join games randomly!! And inviting friends was easy as pie ...If they were RED   or GRAYED OUT ...You simply didn't invite them .... GREEN  meant good to GO!! 

    This topic has been beat to death ...But it falls on def ears...

  • SamSpayed
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    Sun, May 23 2021 10:33 AM


      What I want to know is if I am on the game client somewhere . How would I not be available for random multiplayer invites ?

      I want to be . I want to just show up or whatever happens when some one random invites .

    To make yourself available to be invited to a multi-player game:

    Go to the GAME MODES, select the multi-player game type you want, then click the blue JOIN A GAME button.

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    Sun, May 23 2021 8:56 PM

      As witnessed by me when I searched 5000 " TRAILBLAZERS " . And found 500 barely active ones . The remaining 4500 were inactive . Along with pages and pages more of recently non active players from 2010 on up . Totaling in the 10's of thousands . All through 2020 . That didn't see any hope or reason to hold out for more disappointment .

    At the beginning of 2021  I had around 245 members (or so) in my club I gave everyone 90 days to become familiar  with the PCEA (If they weren't already) On April 1st I went thru my roster looking for who was still active ...

    I had 37 members that Played their last round on either 12/27/20 or 12/28 ...All of which were pretty active FLASH players ...So unfortunately I removed them ...It was not a coincidence none had been active post flash shut down ..So they jumped the WGT ship.. Then another 10-15 that stopped playing sometime in January or Feb  (I am assuming they gave PCEA a try but do to the inability to find multi-player games they gave up?)


    Now lets fast forward to about 3 weeks ago....A member started a thread in our forum basically complaining about that lack of random games he could join and OF COURSE he brought up the ALL GREEN friends list etc...etc... This thread became swamped with replies of similar complaints...

    So what's my point?? Glad you asked  I have 2 .... #1.... If MY club basically lost 20-25% of our players (And I mean gone from WGT altogether) Since the death of Flash  we can only imagine the total number throughout WGT Land...

    And #2...The more concerning issue is this.. Many WGTr's gave up when flash died without even giving the launcher a fair shake...I was almost one of um' (I'm sure some of you remember my ranting about the "New" version but let's not rehash the past) And I'm glad I stayed because I feel the "Playability" of the launcher is far better than flash ever was!! So those who bailed early on... That's their loss. BUT and this is a big BUT...They bailed due to the fact they maybe didn't want to adjust or they didn't like the look or playability of PCEA  compared to Flash and it was not what WE were all use to (PC players anyway)

    The players that are frustrated and giving up on our beloved game over "only" the last few months are leaving because of things not getting addressed and/or corrected .... 5 Months we have been complaining about many of the same issues and there STILL unfixed?? 

    The lobby situation is not 100% Fixed... I have still not had even ONE "Random" player show up to a skins lobby NOT ONE...  If you look at my play history you will see I play 80% skinner games and I mean a TON of um !! So to NEVER have even 1 random player show up in over 100 or more random invite attempts?? On flash I/we never had a problem we always found a random 4th when needed....Same issue in Match play ....I found  3 or 4 games out of maybe 50 attempts ...So SOMETHING is still not right ..

    And the number 1 Glaring Problem ....Drum roll please ........BING ..How can we STILL be talking about a friends list that shows EVERYONE ONLINE ONLY

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    I mean how hard could in be to to have 3 colors for an online friend????

    Whew ...Rant over 😞