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Game keeps crashing

Fri, Jul 30 2021 11:45 PM (14 replies)
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  • bossbird
    1,732 Posts
    Mon, Feb 22 2021 10:11 AM

    I play on iPad , and today have been kicked out three times from the app . My answer is to delete app , close iPad , reload app , and all is fine 

  • wedge0837
    855 Posts
    Mon, Feb 22 2021 3:09 PM

    PC Desktop her and Laptop Windows 10, been there, done both. Zero results. Still fried. 

  • PVBadame
    6 Posts
    Sat, Feb 27 2021 6:21 AM


    I play on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and for the last two weeks have had the same crash you described EVERY TIME I try to play. 

    I've updated drivers, adjusted graphics settings, removed and reinstalled WGT, nothing is resolving the problem.

    I've played for many years and would really like to keep feeding my addiction.

     I'm becoming a forced ex-player...

  • PVBadame
    6 Posts
    Sat, Feb 27 2021 7:19 AM

    I found a fix that worked for my PC. It's from the following WGT forum

    The response that outlines holding CTRL / ALT while clicking on Play...don't release CTRL/ALT until a graphics selection menu appears. Select the recommended resolution and "good" quality. You can also select window instead of full screen, that option gave me no problems at all. I also played in full screen and only had a couple of instances of swing lag or jitters, but NO FREEZING! 

    Hopefully this holds up.


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    Fri, Jul 30 2021 11:45 PM

    It's the same problem I've had too. I have to reset my PC when WGT is on head to head.

    I hope there will be a solution to fix it.

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