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S.S. WGT Tour

Tue, Jun 22 2021 7:15 PM (1,299 replies)
  • paulgreen79
    310 Posts
    Mon, Mar 15 2021 12:36 PM

    Thought I was going to hit an absolutely belter of a 3rd round at PB. I was -5 after 6 holes including an eagle at the 2nd when my putter went cold and only dropped another 3 birdies over the next 12 holes finishing birdie/birdie. 

    Week 12 Pebble Beach - 64 (-8)

  • mingos01
    801 Posts
    Mon, Mar 15 2021 1:47 PM

    WEEK 12

    Pebble 18 

    Score 72

  • 633kiki
    89 Posts
    Mon, Mar 15 2021 2:02 PM

    wk  12 pb 

    grind it out 3 under 69

  • Gogsy1979
    32 Posts
    Mon, Mar 15 2021 2:05 PM

    Wk12 - Pebble Beach - 75

    A horror story this week compounded by closing with 2 additional bogeys. Don’t know if it’s just me but on IOS the meter has been ridiculously jumpy in last few days culminating in me losing a new few hits in premium ball on the 18th as it stuck way left. I’ve not been this angry with the game before lol. Alway next week I suppose.

  • JBIII9
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    Mon, Mar 15 2021 5:41 PM

    Wk 12 - PB

    Oh what could have been......

    Started out with a bogey on 1, but then knocked down 4 birdies on the next 7 holes. Then it got bad. Double bogey on 9 and bogey on 10 to give everything back. Managed to get one back with a birdie somewhere before 14.  

    14 completely destroyed anything good I had going.  After hitting that stupid tree to the right of the tee on 14, that one you don’t even know is there until you hit it (which I have hit more times than I can count so you would think I could remember).  Thought I could still save bogey (no chance for par as I don’t have big girl clubs yet and this hole is way too long for me).  Shot 4 lands just over the sand in the rough only 6 yards from the hole which is down hill with at least a 3 foot break from that spot (oh I wish it would have just landed in the sand). Hit it soft and aim well right, but how do you do that.  Too soft it goes 1 foot, too hard it goes 15 yards.  Well 2 soft shot, one hard shot, and really good putt I am in for a triple bogey.

    Birdie on 18 to finish with a 1 over 73.  Still respectable but disappointing considering I had 6 birdies on this round.

  • HuskerConan
    43 Posts
    Mon, Mar 15 2021 6:33 PM

    Dialed in 81. If not for the 3 triple bodeys......

  • VinnyGoombotz
    194 Posts
    Mon, Mar 15 2021 7:03 PM

    Shot 69 ,three birdies front 9 all pars back nine . This was another bogey free round and  i am happy with it.

  • EricW55
    32 Posts
    Mon, Mar 15 2021 7:09 PM


    It's moving day (week)! Round 2 is complete!

    Player Total
    EricW55 -15
    JBIII9 -13
    Carrvet -9
    diehard4793 -8
    TomCarioca -8
    reggie7900 -8
    Gepetto1958 -7
    Jmugsy1 -6
    wedge0837 -5
    DENTONRED827 -5
    Cas57 -5

    Is anyone going to run down Eric and Jo? Who will make their mark on this tournament? The full leaderboard has been updated on page 1. We are at Pebble Beach for round 3.

    Go low & have fun!

    I'm giving it the absolute best I've got!  First 2 rounds I actually ended up winning the Legend Tier so I can humbly accept my position on our leaderboard.

    This week I won't win, but I tried.  58 (-14) at Pebble.  Let a few too many putts slide under the hole.  Got a bit tentative with the pace I'm thinking.

    JB, not exactly an open door, but I've left it "ajar".  :)

  • almancini
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    Mon, Mar 15 2021 8:07 PM

    wk 12 pb score 82 Disaster this week took on par 5 hit trees never again!

  • Cas57
    2,741 Posts
    Mon, Mar 15 2021 8:58 PM

    total disappointment!  -6 after 6 holes and then couldn't sink a putt to save my life.  I left myself in the wrong place on the greens like 7' above the hole on 11 which was a left to right 6" down putt, why it didn't roll back on the approach is beyond me.

    Anyway, birdied 12 and 18 for a -8, 64