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Thu, Oct 5 2023 3:49 AM (19 replies)
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  • borntobesting
    9,622 Posts
    Sun, Oct 25 2020 9:35 AM

    Paul I would say that more than any thing else is that a lot of players don't even know that the forums exist. When I joined I checked out everything on the site and found the forums. Many only play and don't check out the other pages on the site and don't know about the forums. I don't remember how many players I told about the forums when i was playing with them, I would tell them something and they would ask "How did you know that"? I would say someone told me in the forums and they would say :What forums"? And I would tell them how to get to the forums. I feel WGT should send every new player an e-mail telling them about the forums and how to get there, 

    I believe if WGT did that there would be a lot more participation in the forums. 

  • bossbird
    2,192 Posts
    Sun, Oct 25 2020 10:28 PM

    Mobile players particularly have no idea these forums exist , there is nothing for mobile users to guide them here. I would prefer to see a message put in the inbox , as loads of players don’t even link their email address to their WGT account. It would be a good change in my opinion , if WGT made it a condition to link email address , might also cut down the number of restarters in the game. 

  • craigswan
    30,936 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2020 3:30 PM

    I don't see that much serious trolling on here .

    A bit of teasing here and there but if you cannot take it don't give it .

    Check out some other sites and twitter for real bad trolling .

    I think wgt moderator's are sharp on stamping it out .

    We have all been on the naughty step .

    Sometimes moderator's are a bit to strict . But their reasoning is that their are children playing .

    I think the old timer's on here know their friends and their enemies and leave well alone when they have too .

    It's becoming obvious if you don't like the poster who posts before you you move on .


    Shame - but some people are different to other's everywhere .

    I'm not perfect but who is .


  • SimonTheBeetle
    3,494 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2020 6:17 PM

    Paul, just do what you believe is right to do. There always will be people who appreciate and who don't. Focus on the good ones. Cheers.

  • HenryKawa
    1,721 Posts
    Tue, Oct 27 2020 7:47 PM

    Paul, I'm not sure what they are called, trolls or something else, but for 7 years, I could not say a word in ANY thread without being jumped all over, criticized and called almost every name you can think of.   I started a few of my own threads, and it was a little better.  Although Allosso is adamant that no one owns their own thread.  Everyone knows that, but its kind of regarded among members that a thread unofficially belongs to the person who started it  - sometimes.  Especially if they are constant posters in their own thread, like Craig is with his.  I think most people regard that as Craig's thread (Who has the last word).  Yeah yeah, we know it is not "officially" his thread, but take a deep breath, relax Allosso.  Lets all try to get along.  You take every opportunity to hammer me with insults.  Its got to stop.  I'm asking you politely to stop.

    The last year or so, has been better. I posted my real picture and shared my true story about myself and most people are okay with me now.

    PS.  Craig, I know you didn't even start that Thread. lol.  But really what does it matter.  Lets just all get along, have fun, be friends  and like each other.   Allosso, I forgive you and am willing to let by-gones be by-gones.  If you send me a friend invite, I will accept.  

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