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Looking for a club

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Tue, Sep 22 2020 9:49 AM (1 replies)
  • GATA1980
    2 Posts
    Mon, Sep 21 2020 7:43 PM
    Level 59 Tour Pro playing for a few months. Over 10 million in coins if that matters. Will use my pass daily. Some days I play a lot, some days a little. Real life determines my free time.
  • Sparfel2956
    72 Posts
    Tue, Sep 22 2020 9:49 AM

    Hi Gata1980

    I invite you to join us at Golf Technic. We are a medium sized Country Club (currently 61 members) and we are motivated by the team play that is allowed with Turf war and Clash. We are not looking to win the Golden Putter but we have fun playing and chatting together like a bunch of friends every time there is an event and it’s nice to see we are continually progressing in the different leaderboards . We also organize internal tournaments so there is always an opportunity to compete and have fun together. We communicate on Discord in English or French depending on who is on line. The active members are predominantly French, we have a handful of UK/US/Canadian/Australian players  .