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Hall Of Fame Tier

Wed, Sep 20 2023 6:55 AM (263 replies)
  • Robert1893
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    Thu, Dec 3 2020 11:56 AM

    By the way, a few years ago.. maybe 4 o5 5, I played Young46 in a Match Play game, 18 holes, St. Andrew.  It was watched on his channel by many people (highly anticipated game because of some verbal stuff going back and forth about who is better).    I won two of the first 4 holes and was 2UP going forward.    From there, I had a few minor set backs, and he may have caught up to tie the game.  We went into the later holes, and to be honest I cannot remember what happened - who won.  

    I hope he has the game recorded, I would ask him.

    Not exactly. 

    You were 1 up after 4. But you did make it to the 15th hole.



    I would like to congratulate Young46.  He is an excellent player and played a very good game.   For the people who did not watch the live stream, Young46 won the 18 Hole Match Game.   I took the early lead and was 1UP after 4 holes.  Then things started to fall apart.  In the next 11 holes I only managed to win one more hole.   The game lasted 15 holes at which time > It was all over but the crying.   I had nothing to cry about.  I was proud to have lasted 15 holes against such a great player.   Thank you Young46 for giving me the opportunity to play you.  I now bow to the King of WGT.

  • SamSpayed
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    Sat, Dec 5 2020 12:18 PM

    It would be nice to see some new members in the Hall of Fame tier.  Maybe at the beginning of 2021?  I'm sure there are some very deserving candidates.

  • Luckystar5
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    Sun, Dec 6 2020 9:09 AM
    Firstly, I'd like to congratulate, young on getting into the hall, for what ever that's worth. It's Gr8 that he makes videos and tries to help others, too. The problem with all this is, that wgt caters to the pc players. There are a ton of excellent mobile players, that wgt, won't even mention, why? We on the mobile side, have begged and pleaded for some kind of consideration in equalizing this game. If wgt, can configure ways to allow pc players, to compete in mobile games, then why can't we, on mobile, play all the events that the pc players can? This garbage, creates animosity between the 2 formats. Young may, or may not be the best wgt player, but we will never know, because the mobile side, is left out. I'm not trying to take anything away from young, but if they are going to put him on a pedistal, at least make the playing field equal, for all. Wgt, needs to find a mobile player to add to the Hall, to be fair, to all.
  • Luckystar5
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    Sun, Dec 6 2020 9:45 PM
    Paul, The list is long, and you've been around a long time, if you don't know the differences by now, then I can't help. You seemed to have had all the answers about a year ago, memory must be failing.
  • xxxhogheadxxx
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    Mon, Dec 7 2020 7:02 AM

    Big congratulations to Young46 for his promotion to Hall of Fame Tier!

    Well done Sir!

  • HenryKawa
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    Fri, Dec 25 2020 8:08 AM


    Big congratulations to Young46 for his promotion to Hall of Fame Tier!

    Well done Sir!

    You folks may laugh when I tell you this, but its the truth.  I sent a message to WGT, asking if I should have Hall of Fame Status.  They must be considering it because I have not yet heard back.  If they give it to me, only Young46 and me will have it.  Crossing my fingers!

  • Yiannis1970
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    Fri, Dec 25 2020 8:58 AM


    You folks may laugh when I tell you this, but its the truth.


    Not at all....can we cry instead?