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Game Forfeits

Sat, Mar 25 2023 5:19 PM (35 replies)
  • Mythanatos
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    Mon, Aug 17 2020 1:50 PM

    I think most people would be willing to make that tradeoff - knowing if their opponent forfeits they would end up with bogies on their card.

    Well as i said the only time you have to worry about that is the first tee.

    Most of the time forfeits go through now with out a bug. I usually have 2-4 people every 18 holes in a showdown forfeit to me.

    But Every so often it hangs up on that Retry/Cancel screen. As i said above the bogeys can be avoided by just closing out the window and restarting the app.

    and also as i have stated. alot of the champs and TCs and TLs would pull out of the lower brackets if they made the Expert level worth playing. I mean currently they are taking about a 70-75% Vig on the Expert. only paying out about 25-30% of the money taken in. And im not counting ball costs in that.

    That's a hell of a vig.

  • el3n1
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    Mon, Aug 17 2020 2:26 PM

    Not suggesting it is a perfect solution, but trying to offer something that can reduce the problems within the showdowns might help... you have also tried to share how to minimize what can cause the bogey glitch.  but it still happens and the only division you can afford to take a bogey in is the Rookie division.. I don't think anyone will stay competitive in Veteran or Expert while logging a bogey glitch.

    and also as i have stated. alot of the champs and TCs and TLs would pull out of the lower brackets if they made the Expert level worth playing.

    unfortunately...  I don't see all the people you describe running to sign up and play the 1000cr RG... I suspect they don't play because the competition is far tougher and the payouts and conditions are known.  By and large... people opt out, because it is too hard to finish in the top tier because MOST all of the top players play it...

    That trend would follow I believe in the Expert division even if payout structures would seemingly improve and the bugs were fixed... it might give people an illusion of having a better chance, but just like the tougher WGT RG's it can still be tough to squeek into the top 10 or top 20 in the case of the Showdown... and you still need some favorable winds to overcome the greater experience level of so many top players.

    As such, I would suspect many of the games best players would gravitate towards anything they felt they had an edge in... when that many players enter into a particular event... the odds of breaking even or winning a little goes down considerably... it is a tough game... especially when you start to face a much larger group of top players... 

    But I still struggle to see how this is marketable for WGT...

    Now, there might be some, but I highly doubt any top level players (who feel inclined to play Expert) are putting real money into the game, which makes the Expert division more of a laundromat of sorts .  Where is WGT making money off of people winning their credits?  Maybe this also explains some of the adjustments.

    You really think people are going to suddenly start paying $10 for a higher chance of losing than risking $1 where it will remain tough but seems at least reasonable?

    Until you see Experts buying credits or people silly enough to buy credits to enter while having a fraction of a chance to win against many of the games best players... well... I doubt you will see a change there either... it's hopeful or wishful thinking but unless I am missing something... it is hard to foresee happening.


  • Ishimi31
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    Mon, Aug 17 2020 11:53 PM


    There is also the occasional bug where they forfeit out and the game won't let you resume.

    you have two options.

    Retry and cancel.


    if retry doesn't work and it almost never does when it pops up during a showdown, instead of hitting cancel. force close your game out and restart the app.

    You will have to redo that particular set of three holes but this is better than getting bogeys. I've had instances where this has occurred and i did better than i was doing prior and also where i've done worse. just a current bug in the game.

    This is no longer accurate, with a caveat - I had that lovely "error code: 1072" pop up when my opponent forfeited on the 3rd hole in my first match of the latest Showdown. After testing Retry once, I clicked on Cancel and waited. It took me back to my match, but didn't present me any options/visuals on the screen... essentially I had to wait for the invisible 45 second shot clock to run out in the background, visibly issue me the time warning and then properly take me back to the match to where I was able to hole out my birdie putt.

    So, as long as you still have your timeout remaining in the match and can show some patience, you should be able to hit Cancel in this specific forfeit scenario without either receiving any unwarranted bogeys or being taken back and having to replay the match.


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    Tue, Aug 18 2020 3:21 PM

    If it's an apparel run if i jump out i can get 1-2 more potential wins than if i stayed for a measley 3 apparel points. 24-130 potential points vs 3...  hmm...

    So I am clear... This discussion applies to either Mobile or PCEA only??  An "apparel run" ??

    This is why this game has lost what once made it great!!   What does an "Apparel run" have to do with true golf .. LMAO...

    And is seems the list of issues and glitches is just as bad or worse than we ever had with flash...IMO

    I am one of MANY that have work around's set up to keep playing flash version well after 2020 !!





  • NickolasMagos
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    Fri, Oct 23 2020 8:57 AM

    Some people have faulty connections, some people have to quit the game abruptly to do something else and yes some people rage quit.  When I setup a game I try to get at least 3 people in the group but prefer 4 for this reason.  The only thing that is slightly annoying is having to wait 90 seconds to find out someone quit and then the game reloads again which can take another 2 minutes.

  • Dynofine
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    Thu, Nov 25 2021 12:29 PM

    How come it’s always Masters or Legends that forfeit or quit? What’s the meaning behind that? I can’t figure it out. Are they just embarrassed to lose or something else I don’t know about.

  • TimK560
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    Sat, Nov 27 2021 12:32 PM

    Most the time it is just to save on ball hits. If your behind by two going to last hole it's not really worth the effort. 

    Coins are basically useless anyway. Does anybody really care about them? You can't do anything with them. 

    Most guys who have been playing for awhile have 10, 20 or up in the Millions. Not sure if there is a point to the coin rooms except practice. 

  • rkearns469
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    Sat, Nov 27 2021 1:57 PM

    The reason I bale out is time, watching the higher tier players go to double zeros, only to take the gimme, 

  • rjteeithi
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    Sun, Nov 28 2021 4:07 PM


    Perhaps they could block a player from playing for 10-15 minutes after a forfeit?  They need to do something.

    oh sweet this discussion again.

    Initial info I rarely forfeit because I usually am in it until the last green and putts don't count for ball hits.


    However. This stuff about being offended and then being whiny is just asinine. And childlike.

    First and foremost: In what way are you hurt by someone forfeiting? Answer none. I mean feel free to come up with something but the answer is none.

    Someone always mentions win loss rate. No one cares about their win loss rate other than as a ballpark to compare to other months. No one sees my or your win loss rate other than each person themselves.  no one else knows if i'm having a good or bad run other than me.

    Why do most forfeit? Biggest reason is: It's time. If they are doing  an apparel run then it's about maxing out rounds in that 30 minutes. If it's a turf war get the next round going for a potential win.

    So let's say i gamble and hit my tee shot on Olympic 1 and it catches that tree and dumps it in the rough. Is it worth it to kill 5 minutes for 1 hole or 15 minutes for 3 holes when I'm probably going to lose anyway. 

    If it's an apparel run if i jump out i can get 1-2 more potential wins than if i stayed for a measley 3 apparel points. 24-130 potential points vs 3...  hmm...

    let's say i Look at my timer on my apparel run and start a round with 3 minutes left and i dump the tee shot.. hit in water. bad rough. can't reach green etc etc etc. I know that im probably going to lose if i play it out. and then the timer is over. If i forfeit out. i can get another round going that I'm more likely to win.

    So bottom line. It's not ego. There is quite literally no reason to finish out a match that you can't win. Ever watch a match play game where people concede holes and the match????

    Anyway. Yet again. to anyone that complains about forfeits. Use your brain and be offended less. 



    This is the correct answer, spot on


  • Dynofine
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    Fri, Aug 12 2022 3:11 PM

    I heartily agree. I’ve had two Masters forfeit on the last hole today. It’s aggravating, especially when you got good game happening. Very rarely is it a tour pro. Should be some type penalty, I’m not sure but I think a forfeit keeps the loss off your record. The PGA and even the Koran Ferry tour don’t have anything like that. I understand if something is going on and you have to quit, that’s ok. These forfeits are happening more and more, I’ve harped on this before, just glad seeing more players feel the way I do.