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Game Forfeits

Sun, Sep 18 2022 11:03 AM (24 replies)
  • Dynofine
    17 Posts
    Fri, Aug 12 2022 3:16 PM

    Yeah that stuff is cool and I understand that. There are too many apparel runs going on. Forfeit the last hole saves what, 4 minutes?

  • muddlejim
    4 Posts
    Wed, Aug 31 2022 7:43 PM

    Quitters are a real pain, it`s a game so just play on even if you take 6 to get out of a bunker.

    My suggestion would be for quitters in the coin games would loose double or triple the coin fee if they quit.

    Also the slow play is a real problem, especially in coin room games where it`s very common for players to run the clock down before taking a shot-why ?

    It means if youre using a sponser, you lose time to play, and you have to wait for Cpt Slow every time, it`s gamesmanship, and you would be warned in a real game.

    Last thing, can we have action replays back please?

  • JohnJSuarez
    7 Posts
    Fri, Sep 16 2022 12:51 PM

    I was just auto forfeited from a round. Details:

    Monaco Room – wagering ~1.5k coins

    Chamber Bay (B9)

    Auto forfeit around ~2:41pm CT on 9/16/2022

    Forfeit happened after teeing off on hole 17. The round was tied at -1 each.

    My opponent was a higher level (I believe L96 Legend)


    Can someone from WGT please reimburse my coins as well as credit my account with a win in the Monaco room?

  • Blue588
    248 Posts
    Sat, Sep 17 2022 11:48 PM

    I have no problem with players forfeitures when properly done by clicking the button.

    It’s the ones that quit the app and leave you hanging there for minutes, waiting for the system to resolve the game, they are the ones that deserve the rope.

  • Hilltopbuck
    210 Posts
    Sun, Sep 18 2022 11:03 AM