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Impossible player rank and stats more and more

Fri, Dec 8 2023 10:37 PM (48 replies)
  • Robert1893
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    Fri, Jul 24 2020 1:08 PM

    Maybe the people who run this game need to update their published information. I don't sit and pour over these forums for information that should be published in plain sight. As I said, I pay money to play this game, I think its not asking too much for the rules to be clear and available. What follows is what is published.

    Nobody expects you to pour over the forums. The point I'm making is that maybe you should realize there are the aspects of the game that you're simply unaware of before making any claims about what is possible or impossible and who or who may not be cheating.

    Over the years, WGT has been clear that they don't publish the criteria for tiering up. I suspect they never will. But players have figured out the process of tiering up through ranked rounds. Even so, that criteria changed a while back. For example, the information you copied and pasted is outdated.

    There is now a Tour Champion tier. The number of minimum ranked rounds for Tour Legend is now 750 rounds, and the number of rounds for saturation at Champion tier is 1,000 rounds. 

    None of this has been published by WGT and (again) probably won't be published. The players figured it out. 

    Finally, no where has anyone stated that the information you copied and pasted is the only way to tier up. I believe players have been able to tier up to Legend through match play. It's been that way since I've been a member. Coin matches is just another method.

  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Fri, Jul 24 2020 1:28 PM

    You've got a superhuman patience, Robert. That's all I can say. LOL

  • SamSpayed
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    Fri, Jul 24 2020 1:43 PM

    For the first few tiers we have specific levels that will push the player to the next tier. This way their aren't any level 90 Hack players or anything like that. 

    There are more specifics from AussieMick11 in this post, quoted here for convenience:


    This is what one of our members came up with (in bold):

    I've researched this a bit and observed the following for lower tiers:

    Hack will move to Amateur at level 20, regardless of average.

    Amateur will move to Pro at level 35, regardless of average.

    Pro will move to Tour Pro at level 50, regardless of average.

    If the minimum average and round requirements are met before reaching these levels, then movement to the next tier will happen at that time.  But if your average does not meet the average requirement at these levels, you will move up to the next tier anyway.  If you do a search of all WGT players by tier, you will see this observation confirmed.

    Round and average requirements must be met for Master tier and above.

    @mcgozer, you raise a fair point about the "Tiers" portion of the FAQs.  That portion of the FAQs is incomplete and should be updated by WGT to reflect that there are additional ways to tier up.

  • el3n1
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    Fri, Jul 24 2020 2:06 PM

    I believe there is an additional Level Up from Tour Pro to Master somewhere in the 80's range regardless of average.  

  • alosso
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    Sat, Jul 25 2020 1:56 AM

    From distant memory I recall that you may become a "mobile" Legend regardless of the average. The level necessary may be above 100.

  • Connorjwebb123
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    Sat, Jul 25 2020 3:27 AM

    I believe there is an additional Level Up from Tour Pro to Master somewhere in the 80's range regardless of average.  

    I’ve played several level 100+ Tour Pros in coin rooms
  • Robert1893
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    Sat, Jul 25 2020 5:55 AM

    I’ve played several level 100+ Tour Pros in coin rooms

    Do they also happen to play ranked rounds and carry a regular average (as opposed to an average of 150 for those who don't play ranked rounds)? 

  • Connorjwebb123
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    Sat, Jul 25 2020 6:28 AM
    A dunno, some had averages some had 150. I don’t really check opponents stats.
  • wleiss
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    Sat, Jul 25 2020 6:57 AM

     If you carry a USGA handicap in real golf, you can compete with (and gamble against) another player with a USGA handicap, and unless that player has somehow manipulated his/her handicap, you can get a reasonable indication of his/her skill level and make a fair wager. The reason why good players are walking around on WGT with 150 averages is really beside the point. The point is that there shouldn't be people walking around on WGT with 150 averages who are being allowed to play against unsuspecting people for coins/money, (money?, well I guess coins are sort of money).  Just advancing them to a particular tier, often belatedly, doesn't seem to be accurate enough, or timely enough, to prevent mismatches. The lack of a good handicap system is probably the biggest flaw this game has, and should be actively addressed.  

  • el3n1
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    Sat, Jul 25 2020 9:09 AM

    I’ve played several level 100+ Tour Pros in coin rooms

    It could be other factors / variables that WGT is using along with level progression if those are current examples.  Tour Pros with relatively poor performance in coin rooms or not advancing through the division progress may be able to avoid the bump somehow -- or simply be relatively inactive or just an intermittent player.  Hard to account for every scenario or variable.  

    Likewise it the desktop models  of promotion, we also see skilled players at lower tiers who seemingly avoid promotion - but are they avoiding promotion or simply not meeting the requirements imposed by WGT to be promoted.  When I learned WGT increased saturation for TL and Champion - it became obvious more people would seemingly be lingering longer at lower tiers - when it simply takes them longer to advance now.  

    As for coin games,  it could be why beyond TP it gets harder to discern but clearly players are being promoted beyond TP without the RR requirement.  I have observed those, but I can't tell you exactly why it is happening - since we can't look behind the curtain.  I could be mistaken that it was in part due to level progression but that is hard to know.

    Of course my observations are limited to only what I see, which is why it is great to balance that out with everyone else.