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Sat, Jul 18 2020 2:30 AM (3 replies)
  • Pego1986
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    Thu, Jun 25 2020 10:17 PM

    Playing at browser and after last update cant play bracket. After clicked  TEE OFF 

    unexpected error. but nest CTTH bracket without problems.


  • Shankette
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    Wed, Jul 1 2020 5:51 PM
    Here is the latest list of recent Premium Bracket CTTH failures, each resulting in an 'Unexpected Error' and WD for all players in that round.
    Bracket: #708957 Round 3
    Bracket: #709036 Round 2
    Bracket: #709285 Round 3
    Bracket: #709424 Round 3
    Bracket: #709538 Round 3
    Bracket: #710136 Round 1
    Bracket: #710343 Round 3
    Bracket: #710694 Round 3
    Bracket: #710758 Round 3
    Bracket: #711512 Round 1
    Bracket: #711889 Round 1
    Bracket: #710980 Round 4
    Bracket: #711020 Round 4
    Bracket: #712091 Round 2
    Bracket: #712784 Round 2
    Bracket: #713090 Round 1
    90% of these do not make it to the end.  I have not seen entry fees returned except for the first 4, or any response to the 4 emails sent to Customer Support..  Is there anything being done to identify and correct the programming problems?
  • Shankette
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    Thu, Jul 9 2020 5:28 AM

    Yet another submittal to Customer Support:

    Bracket 714212 R2

    Bracket 714701 R2

    Bracket 714828 R2

    These three currently active brackets failed due to 'Unexpected Error' in the round indicated above.  None of the paid participants will be able to advance beyond this round.  Please look into this, fix the problem and reimburse the participants.


    My last request was denied, with WGT CS stating:

    Unfortunately, after a review of this matter we were unable to verify the issue that you reported, and are unable to provide you with a refund for your request.

    It seems there is little motivation to address the matter.  I was able to send screen shots showing all participants WD in the round I indicated in several of these Brackets going back 7 days AND provided a screen shot of the 'Unexpected Error'.  I am still hopeful that WGT knows not to act in Bad Faith.

    So fare they have acknowledged ONLY the first 4, but this is clearly an ongoing problem.

    I have updated my list to include:

    Bracket: #712435 R4
    Bracket: #713158 R4
    Bracket: #713276 R3
    Bracket: #713461 R3
    Bracket: #713604 R2
    Bracket: #713654 R2
    Bracket: 714212 R2
    Bracket: 714701 R2
    Bracket 714828 R2


  • Shankette
    1,452 Posts
    Sat, Jul 18 2020 2:30 AM

    I am done with paying 50cr for Premium CTTH Brackets that do not allow you to play throughout due to an 'Unexpected Error'; I hope you all are done with them too... at least until WGT finally realizes there is a programming problem on their side.  Good luck with that.

    My final list now includes:

    Bracket: 715134 R4

    Bracket: 715589 R1

    Bracket: 715977 R1

    Bracket: 716331 R1

    Bracket: 716437 R1

    Yes, 4 of the last 5 couldn't allow participants to play the first round.

    WGT, please let us know when you have this problem solved.