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J.C Sneed

Thu, Jan 13 2022 10:08 PM (67 replies)
  • MGB01
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    Sat, Apr 18 2020 3:16 PM

    jc sneed......thank you for your input into the game......... all is good for you hopefully....regards mickey

  • Babzilla33
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    Sat, Apr 18 2020 4:45 PM

    Thank you!



  • Babzilla33
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    Sun, Apr 19 2020 1:44 AM


    the counting is the big issue ross....i should check my count with a stopwatch lol..if you use a stopwatch then thats best way then i guess you have your base number......i have been thinking about switching to off ding putting myself because trying to ding my putts costs me 5 putts a round.....just keep doing what seems to be working for you......well done on etour also buddy

    Thank you for the support Mickey and hopefully we can catch a game together!



  • Yiannis1970
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    Sun, Apr 19 2020 5:14 AM

    JC, i would like also to thank you for inventing this fine method of putting, but mostly because you shared it with others. I can tell you without a doubt that your method not only works but works excellent in most cases. Thank you again.

  • el3n1
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    Sun, Apr 19 2020 4:02 PM

    By the time I got around to learning about JC and other putting methods... JC's thread was basically cleaned out / sanitized / removed from WGT.

    It was Sean (11BC2) who gave some insight into trying to access the older posts on something like "waybackmachine" or something like that.

    But, since then multiple variations from what I can tell have been created that often cater to a person putting style / preferred speed.  Since the firmness of a putt is crucial to the line, matching a method with your preferred style of putting helps.  

    Some are far more aggressive with the lines they take and hit putts much harder than I would be comfortable on C13 or C14 greens because if you are off or your line is not on... it could mean a 3 putt if you don't make the lengthy par save.  

    Any way, for those who have not seen the original thread, maybe trying the wayback machine will help.  

  • plr32223
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    Mon, Apr 20 2020 12:36 PM

    Okay, all - lots of misinformation here. I won’t say I’m the best in the universe at jc Snead dot counting method but I know it well and use it quite successfully. The grid above and related comments here incorrect.

    Clarifications -

    1. First grid is 15 units and all others 10 units - so, outside edge of 1st grid is 15 unit’s from center of cup, 2nd is 25 unit’s, 3rd is 35, etc...

    2. Numbering in image above for 1st grid is incorrect -  center point of 1st grid is 7.5 units from center of cup

    3. Dividing 1st grid into 3 quadrants is fine, but not enough really - better to mark off first grid into  “slices” of 2.5 units, 5 units, 7.5 units (midpoint), 10, units, 12.5 units, and 15 units

  • Tony08888
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    Mon, Apr 20 2020 7:26 PM

    It’s been almost two months since I posted this question and a lot of great discussion here. Never expected JC to pop his head in so that was awesome.

    What I have learned in the last two months of practice is, the JC Sneed method is an excellent putting tool. The first grid division has been the most frustrating and I believe plr has it right in that respect.

    As great as this method is, I have settled into using Naturali’s putting method of each grid equaling 24”. 

    For me, this just makes sense. The hole is roughly 4” and when scaled to the grid, there are exactly 6 holes across a grid (24”). The math is easier since 12” = 1/2 grid (50%); 6” = 1/4 grid (25%); etc.

    With Naturali’s method there is a larger aiming range for long putts with large arches. The JC Sneed method gives you roughly a 45 - 60 yard aiming range from the center of cup to the edge of the last visible grid. Naturali’s method shows an aiming range of roughly 60 - 72 yard aiming range.

    Both methods give you the exact same aiming point while using different math for the dot speeds. While using the JC Sneed method may give you an aiming point of 15 (edge of first grid), Naturali’s method will give you an aiming point of 24 (edge of first grid).


    Both are great tools for accurate putting, it’s a matter of personal preference I suppose.

    Thanks for all the input.

  • plr32223
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    Mon, Apr 20 2020 9:06 PM

    I’ll make an observation here if I might. I can’t say with certainty that’s its always the case, but I believe the number of grids you tend to see on the green is influenced by your distance from the pin as you set up to putt. 

    For example, we often have an easy club tournament set up for Wolf Creek F9 with several par 4’s, including 4th hole, easily driveable.  The contour of the 4th green however is such that I often find myself 12-13 yards from cup with a huge left to right breaking putt.  From this position I often have a putt (which I often drop using JC Snead method) with a break of 40-60 units, and where I have clearly delineated grids against which to establish my target line. So It’s not clear to me that using the jc Snead method has any drawbacks even in a big breaker scenario like this.   



  • Yiannis1970
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    Tue, Apr 21 2020 7:34 AM

    With the permission of Goddess Deena, i would like to add some things about JC's method. There are certain things to consider while using it:

    A) Method works perfectly when you have a constant dot speed. Unfortunately, rarely you can have breaks with perfect constant dot speed.

    B) Method works perfectly speed wise. This means that you have to find the perfect speed for the ball. Half foot more or less changes the whole calculation. It won't work for instance if on a putt we play softly and on the other one we play ramming speed. You need to have the perfect speed for each putt, which is very very difficult as most of you know.

    C) The main problem remains on which camera to pick when i want to calculate the dot speed in order to implement the method. Inaccurately has been stated that the best way to do that is to consider the straighter one. I can assure you that you will miss many many putts if you are based only on this camera. The thing is that sometimes straight cameras presenting dot speed much slower than actually is.

    D) Another thing that has to be taken in consideration is the green speed, so you have to make tiny adjustments to the method if you play 14 greens instead of 8 for example. Putting speed remain always crucial. 


    As for the A point, a nice way to use JC's method even with putts with various speeds is to take in account an average speed as a reference. It will work quite well in most cases.