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J.C Sneed

Thu, May 7 2020 4:43 AM (54 replies)
  • Tony08888
    283 Posts
    Mon, May 4 2020 9:42 AM


    The only variable is the green speed. The calculations for dot speed, distance, and elevation are the same. Only the green speed changes where the aim point will be. 

    I’ve finally got the method down decently, but am using a much simpler system now. Different calculations than JC Sneed that lead to the same aim point. 

    Send me a PM and I’ll send you the calcs. 

  • Yiannis1970
    1,868 Posts
    Wed, May 6 2020 3:18 AM


    Glad someone mentioned the green speeds! Learning the Sneed way, but surely there has to be a big difference in dot count/aim for a 15ft uphill putt on 9 greens vs the same putt on 13 greens? Any info would be welcome! IS there a specific speed it works best on? Cheers Yiannis


    Hello there. A nice way to start (on different green speeds) is by changing your reference number. Break affects less slower greens meanwhile does the opposite on the fast ones. So, if for example our reference number is 6 seconds for tourney greens, we can set up our number to 5,5 seconds for slower greens.


  • giraldin
    3,408 Posts
    Wed, May 6 2020 3:37 AM

    I need to continue having information on this thread, so I leave my presence here.

    Thanks to all who leave information here

  • maoriand1
    1,196 Posts
    Thu, May 7 2020 4:43 AM

    i have been trying this jcsneed method and it seems a very good method but it needs to be practiced a lot to understand how to play it.. till there s a method that don t consider the aim on the power we hit we can easily say that everyone should find the best mode to play it and understand the right power to use. i tried it for different days but i don t find a good result because i always hit the putts in different ways. sometime less power..other times i play a bit hard..