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Tue, Jan 12 2021 4:39 PM (1,625 replies)
  • Venna68
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    Sun, May 10 2020 1:39 AM




    Group 3

    Round 5

    Match 1

    Player 99 Estienne won against Player 205 Altenburg - 6 up

    Waz and Team ,

    Thank you for a awesome round against you , my Team and I made awesome new Friends for the future



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    Sun, May 10 2020 4:23 AM

    I as the owner and Captain of The Founders Club I want to apologize to SEL Thunder Chickens and their Captain....To Finny, Dotty and  the rest of the World Cup committee ...

    For those that were watching and for those that didn't see...During yesterdays match between oneeyedjohn (of my squad) and Nico(of the Thunder Chickens) Oneeye Quit the match on the 10th tee after hitting a bad shot over the green and losing his "last good ball" ....

    This behavior is not only embarrassing to myself and the rest of our team (most of who were watching) But it displays poor sportsmanship !!  We on the team are ALL very upset and want to apologize to Nico as well ..Sorry m8!! ...I believe we would all agree it would have shown more Character to finish out the Match (even with starter rocks) and take the lose... Even at 8 and 7 or whatever the score might have been... than just quit!!

    Again My apologies as Captain the fault is mine Not the rest of the guys on team...


  • Debrug
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    Sun, May 10 2020 4:36 AM


    I didn't see it, but no worries, you can't be mother to everyone on your team, and can't be responsible for them all..

    I'm a Diablo, not a Chicken, but sure all of SEL thanks you for your words, and wishes both you and the team all the best..

    These things happen.


  • Nicozandberg
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    Sun, May 10 2020 6:40 AM


    Thank you for your gracious apology. I accept.

    Being Captain of a World Cup team is a pretty thankless task, and having to apologize for another person's behaviour surely shows that you are the bigger man in this situation.

    I did not want to eloborate too much, but maybe this will better another players experience.

    This was a gut wrenching exercise to get the game organised. Giving your opponent a 2 hour early morning time span to play your game, and not willing to play it any other time (after 1pm his time), due to him riding his bike and visiting friends everyday, is not the way to go if your going to take part in a global event like this.

    To make matters worse, I was stood up twice. First time he claimed that the actual GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), changes twice a year when London resets their time, and then writing me an essay on how I was supposedly late (I was 50 min early, but his lunch was getting cold after 7 min of waiting.) 

    Second time we set a specific time. At this point its 3 pages of organising, and I say to him how about you get up 5am your time (as he is supposedly a morning person), and Ill stay up till midnight to accomodate you. He not only accepts this, but rather makes it a hour earlier.

    He then pitches up an hour and a half late, with me having to stare at the screen at that ungodly hour, waiting for him. His first post is not an apology "Sorry Im late", just "mornin". He then plays 9 holes, hits his ball in the brush (Didnt even know Olympic had brush) and then quits, as it was his last RZN ball. I even suggested to him we could retake the match after a few minutes, but he declined. After all that writing and waiting to get half a game at 1.30am, is ridiculous.

    It was not a very pleasant experience to organise or play this match with him.This is also not the first time he has made it very difficult to organise a match against him, and as a matter of fact I was warned beforehand by my CC mates that I was in for a rough time.

    I honestly hope for other players sake he does not get allowed back in this compeition, and as a matter of fact in any Inter CC match.

    Again thank you for explaining the situation and apologising. It is appreciated.


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    Sun, May 10 2020 6:57 AM

    Reading this Nico I am now even more appalled !!!! I  don't have the words m8 and YES he has been removed from the team...And most likely will be out of TFC all together !! Please accept my apologies again and thanks for being a gentleman (Just as Finny told me you are)...Best of luck moving forward in the competition ....Please accept the sleeve of balls gifted as a small token ....


  • amateur4sure
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    Sun, May 10 2020 8:41 AM

         400 bucknutz11777        WINS over              227 Amateur4sure                                     

    Group 4 Round 5     TFC V SEL Chooks                                                                                      

    Darren taught me a lesson around Oly, Neither of us could get going at all the Front 9 but by hell Darren stepped up his game around the Back, He was drilling the Pins and even when I had a long putt chance he nailed his putt first lol.

    It could and should have been a higher win Margin but by the 17th and a superb Eagle from Darren it was all over.

    Let me just say this was a pleasure all around, To arrange, Play and still have Fun despite my lack of golf.   Well done Darren, Keep er lit Sir, Best Man of Day Won!!


  • pipala
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    Sun, May 10 2020 10:08 AM

    Respect to you JD for your handling of the unfortunate situation you found yourself in. As a director of SEL and captain of the Diablos I can assure you that we would not tolerate such petulant and disrespectful behaviour from any of our members, disgraceful it was.

    I'm sure we will all move forward on a positive note from here, none of us would want the inconsiderate actions of one small minded individual tarnish the competition and spoil the fun and camaraderie that so many of us are enjoying,

    Best wishes


  • Niblick85
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    Sun, May 10 2020 10:08 AM

    Group 5

    Round 5

    Match 3

    Tie 3

    (337) Niblick85 wins over (241) Pipala

    Another tight match just edging it out in the end.  Well played Pip thoroughly enjoyed the game.  Good luck in your next match up.  Stay well mate.


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    Sun, May 10 2020 10:38 AM

    i repeat that 2 of my gulfs still do not know anything about their rivals. one of them is the captain barcelona72 and the other is knoxport... and with these two we can finish this round. i also communicate the victories for the golfos unidos, yesterday, of manuelperezmena and ramiroyardas. gracias

  • pipala
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    Sun, May 10 2020 10:58 AM


    Group 5

    Round 5

    Match 3

    Tie 3

    (337) Niblick85 wins over (241) Pipala

    Another tight match just edging it out in the end.  Well played Pip thoroughly enjoyed the game.  Good luck in your next match up.  Stay well mate.


    Thank you Paul for another enjoyable match mate, you kept me on my toes from the off. I missed a couple of opportunities which against someone of your quality can't be afforded. Very well played mate, some of the best approach play i've seen at Olly before dealing the killer hole out on 16 lol.

    Great fun as expected with plenty of banter and laughs. Best of luck in the next round, I think there's a few SEL v Transgressional coming up ;)