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This just in ...

Fri, Nov 22 2019 3:44 AM (3 replies)
  • drmoose
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    Wed, Nov 13 2019 3:49 AM

     Early reports have surfaced that two unknown individuals have been spotted lurking somewheres on Pebble Beach. WGT golfers are advised to use extreme caution there until such time as these intruders can be identified, and their intentions determined. Anyone having any further information regarding said individuals is encouraged to report here. Above all, stay safe out there fellow WGT'ers. 


  • YancyCan
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    Wed, Nov 13 2019 12:16 PM

    My USB Dongler just woke me up & whatnots. I have been informed and seen the dosiere on this -- If you about the 2 - COUGH - Men (Alien Human Hubrids) up on the Pebbler Beach course via WGT allready -- please contact me or DocMoose in the private aka incognito modes please -- Do not share here at this time. THX  --- I am Yancy

  • lalanibabe
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 3:49 PM

    I hear its two guys playing with starter clubs, and kicking everybodys butt. IMPROVE YOUR GAME, BUY NEW CLUBS...….HELLO

  • YancyCan
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    Fri, Nov 22 2019 3:44 AM


    Here is the first video Yancy what ever made and such. Thanks to so many great people up here on this WGT for making me have too much fun for so many years. Will never forget the "Yancy Weekends" aka the "Bethpage Black Sasquatch Shootout" & the "Pinehurst Egg aka Alien Pod Hunt". Sincere thanks to all the great replies from the WGT community at large, you were what kept me going. Special thanks to WGT creators MisterWGT & Yu Chiang for believing & trusting in me to host fun, over-the-top WGT tournaments & events, with confidence in my running it professionally behind the scenes. 

    Wish everyone all the best, I am Yancy