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Putting Tip: Distance Control

Thu, Nov 12 2020 5:01 PM (1,162 replies)
  • Cicero733
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    Thu, Aug 27 2020 1:31 PM

    FWIW basic guideline

    Green Speed.        Multiplier

    7.5.                           +25%

    7.9.                           +20%

    9.0.                           +10%

    10.0.                             0%

    11.0.                          -10%

    12.0.                          -20%

    13.0.                          -25%

    Take your distance times the multiplier that’s the basic equation. However, some tweaks you will need to apply depending upon a bunch of factors, most of which you will need to work out based upon your style, your putter, elevations, specific greens, etc...

       For every factor of elevation change plus or minus 1 for each inch and add to or subtract from your calculated distance.

       These percentages work for all green speeds up to a distance of about 15’ Above 15’ you need to reduce the total by a percentage. Start with a 10% reduction and experiment.

       Elevation changes greater then +/- 4” you will need to adjust your calculated number.

       Inside 10’ add 1’, 1.5’, or 2.0’ (your preference) to your calculated distance to hold the line.

    This should give you some basics to work with and you can modify as required. One suggestion for practice. Play practice rounds with putter pal and the green assist bar turned on. When you putt, you calculate the shot and see where your calculated putt distance falls within the green bar’s recommended putt distance. This will help you hone in your putting calculations because as you will see different greens putt differently, the greens at OLY or MER do not respond the same as the greens at BPB or WC.

    Just takes some time and practice.


  • pdb1
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    Thu, Aug 27 2020 1:58 PM

      Very good first post . I just wonder what took you 10 years to get curious enough .

      Anyway . You are the second lucky recipient of the new " 1st POST EXCELLENCE " Silver series award .

      Well done and CONGRATS .



    Pretty informative. I had not noticed some of these things.

    One question though. So on a perfectly flat surface a 30' meter at full power should send the ball 30' right? How fast do the greens have to be where they will make the putt go further? 10? 12? 

    I've had trouble on some greens where they were pretty flat so I used 50% on a 30' meter for a 15' putt and the ball ends up almost 15" past the hole!  Trying to figure this out and it has to be the green speed.  That was on a course with Tournament 12  green speed.

    What speed will give your meter the truest speed? In other words a 15' putt is 50% on a 30' meter at what green speed?  Anyone?  Thanks for the help!


      These tips below are not mine . But are the basics for as you inquired , 30' putts .


    Black grid = Flat  ~  Blue = Uphill  ~  Red = Downhill

    Yellow or brighter = PRAY!  :-)

    Below is for a 30 foot putt on black ie: flat greens.

    Champ Speed (13 stimp) = 72% or 30% less power.

    Tournament (12 stimp) = 74% or 25% less power

    Fast (9 stimp) = 97% or 3% less power

    Slow (7.4 stimp) = 113% or extra 15% power.


    here's the formula for any green speed. in case you get a tourney with 12.4 or 7.8  or whatever. you divide 10 by the green speed number plus 1 for uphill, green speed number +2 for downhill.  that is your multiplier. for example on a 13 champ green it would be 10/14 = .714 . multiply that number by your distance + elevation up. downhill on champ 13 is 10/15 = .667 x your distance - elevation down. this formula will work for you if you need to figure out an unfamiliar green speed on the fly. like those pesky bracket tourneys with 8.7  or 11.4 greens  i forget what all the standard slower ones ere i think 9 was just the distance with no multiplier  .but here's the magic numbers for the common ones. these are all for uphill. for downhill just use the speed for next tier.

    10 very fast,    .91????

    11 tourney,   .83

    12 tourney,   .77

    13 champ,   .71

    14 champ    .67


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  • Dougie4042
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    Thu, Nov 12 2020 5:01 PM

    Tiger just shot a -4 at the opening round of the 2020 Masters tournament!  How about that?