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2018 Andyson Memorial Round 1 (post score here)

Fri, Aug 10 2018 8:04 PM (120 replies)
  • amateur4sure
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    Mon, Aug 6 2018 3:12 PM

    Myself and Ana hit up St.A for the full 18, A barrel of fun after our toast to Dennis but unfortunately I had too much fun on the front and forgot to putt the wee buggers in the hole, Massive laughs, Looking forward to round 2 with Aaron and Jason, If it ain`t fun there is something up.. Hats off Dennis, You sure had a laugh with us tonight..

    I actually streamed the game live but am having trouble inserting scores into here but I hit a 60 and Ananikolaj hit a 59...  Hats off Dennis..!!!


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    Mon, Aug 6 2018 3:36 PM

    A 64 for me on this one folks. 

  • Romax
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    Mon, Aug 6 2018 3:58 PM

    Gawd......I played it and what a freakin' Gong Show it was. Lol.  Was one of those days where absolutely nothing would work for me. 13 dings in 18 holes....yikes.  (73 final score).

    It's done and in the books anyhoo and the spirit of Andyson lives on. Thx to all for the countless hours of work to make this tourney happen....         R

    08.06.18 St Andrews Links: The Old Course Full 18 Champion 73
  • Mlevin
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    Mon, Aug 6 2018 6:39 PM

    59 for me

  • Leggoman13
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    Mon, Aug 6 2018 8:20 PM

    Here is my score cards.

    And proof of my actual score on first try.

    Not my best and happy to participate in memory of Andyson.  cheers buddy.



  • Shedlite
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    Mon, Aug 6 2018 9:01 PM


    I may be late to the party, just saw that a couple of my mates posted and I wanted to participate, if too late or if I needed to sign up somewhere please disregard

    Official sign up ended on July 31st , unofficially it was extended till August 3rd but i know you played in previous Andyson Memorials so I will Accept your entry


  • whooshdangit
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    Mon, Aug 6 2018 9:06 PM


    First game out after getting in from a night shift,

    Off to a flyer with 5 birdies and an eagle in the first 6 holes, then normal service was resumed.

    I never had the pleasure Dennis but thanks to the great people here your memory is alive and well. If it wasn't 06:00 here I'd raise a glass to you, hope you'll forgive the coffee mug!



  • Shedlite
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    Mon, Aug 6 2018 9:18 PM


    well that front9 was embarrassing, nice wee run on the bk9 helped

    really need to stop wasting cr on they ️⛳ in one challenges.....61



    Hey Bill,

    score history shows you play a full round St.Andrews on 8-1 and scored a 64...first score of said course in the week to be played is the score that counts. I will give you the benefit of doubt here as i didn't post this thread until late on July 31st but your 5hrs ahead and may have played before thread began


  • DufferJohn7
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    Mon, Aug 6 2018 11:34 PM

    A fun round and a tip of the Duffer's cap to our hosts and the memory of Andyson. Sadly I never knew the man but he has certainly left an enduring impression here at WGT. 

    Thank you for organizing and I'll see you on Pebble Beach.

    08.07.18 St Andrews Links: The Old Course Full 18 Tour Legend



    Have fun and hit 'em straight,


  • bery111
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    Tue, Aug 7 2018 12:45 AM

    If any of the regulars (Wiger/Alanti/Bubbs?!) that tend to be on when I am (UK day time during the week) fancy a multiplayer from tomorrow onwards for Round 2, let me know! :)