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Mack Daddy 64 degree wedge

Tue, Aug 6 2019 2:38 PM (10 replies)
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  • DoctorLarry
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    Tue, Aug 6 2019 2:38 PM

    why don't wit just open the doors on all equipment so you can buy what you like just like in the REAL WORLD

    Ever heard of working your way up?  This is what the game does.  To get a Level 100 club, you have to move up to Level 100.  To get to Level 100 you have to move up through all the preceding levels, where other clubs and balls are available.  To do that takes time and play - lots of it.

    This game is about playing, and WGT is here to sell clubs, balls, and accessories - if you want to buy them - but you don't have to.  You will find players at very high levels with starter balls and some with starter clubs.  That means they learned and learned well.

    Play and practice and you usually get better.  You have been here plenty long to know all this and you have some pretty decent clubs.  Are you terribly concerned when you play people at levels below 92?

    C'mon - it's a game.  Just have some fun.

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