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Rare and Epic apparel mobile

Tue, May 16 2023 12:13 PM (47 replies)
  • Luckystar5
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    Sun, Jun 10 2018 11:58 AM


    You will be better off upgrading epic and/or rare as I just upgraded common hat that took 70,000 coins and it only gave me +3 yds on driver distance. sucks I found that out the hard way.  Wish I knew before upgrade was made  


    Why do you think wgt hasn't put forth any info? Suck you out of coins, before u learn the hard way.  Many of us did the same, so that lifeboat is full.  :-)    

  • fmagnets
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    Sun, Jun 10 2018 12:37 PM
    The rare stats are about the same as the common apparel 1 level above. The epic stats are about the same as the common apparel 2 levels above. However, it is far easier to level up common apparel to L10 than it is to get rare to L9 or Epic to L8. Just randomly hitting apparel from end-of-game packs, you'll generally be around the L6/7 mark with rare and epic by the time you reach L10 with your common apparel. Hope that helps.
  • Mythanatos
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    Thu, Jun 14 2018 12:56 PM

    Why do you think wgt hasn't put forth any info? Suck you out of coins, before u learn the hard way.


    a chart would be handy but honestly it's not really needed.

    i've got nothing else to spend coins on so i upgrade every piece whether i use them or not.

    a guy earlier mentioned 3 yards to driver and acted like that isn't anything. we pay $44 for 5 more yards of listed yardage when we upgrade drivers. coins are cheap and free.

    the last few points on top golf gear might cost 70k coins and only get something like an extra 750 coins on a 250k bet. without playing bellagio going to take a while to break even on that. but once again. it still makes you more and eventually will pay for itself and what else is there to buy with them?

    and quite a few pieces of apparel i'll probably never wear. 

    hybrid power? sand power? dirt power? all a waste 

    might use hybrid power in a SOTW clash if given a hybrid,, that's about it on that one.

    bottom line. spend away. the coins just pile up anyway.

  • JeremyWoods87
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    Fri, Jun 15 2018 9:47 AM

    -Common apparel tops out at 80 'points' toward boosting attribute(s):

    Level 1 = 8 points

    Level 2 = 16 points

    Level 3 = 24 points

    Level 4 = 32 points

    Level 5 = 40 points

    Level 6 = 48 points

    Level 7 = 56 points

    Level 8 = 64 points

    Level 9 = 72 points

    Level 10 = 80 points


    - Rare apparel tops out at 90 'points' toward boosting attribute(s):

    Level 1 = 9 points

    Level 2 = 18 points

    Level 3 = 27 points

    Level 4 = 36 points

    Level 5 = 45 points

    Level 6 = 54 points

    Level 7 = 63 points

    Level 8 = 72 points

    Level 9 = 81 points

    Level 10 = 90 points


    - Epic apparel tops out at 100 'points' toward boosting attribute(s):

    Level 1 = 10 points

    Level 2 = 20 points

    Level 3 = 30 points

    Level 4 = 40 points

    Level 5 = 50 points

    Level 6 = 60 points

    Level 7 = 70 points

    Level 8 = 80 points

    Level 9 = 90 points

    Level 10 = 100 points


    So as you can see in addition to occasionally adding an attribute, rare apparel has a higher ceiling than common apparel and epic apparel has a higher ceiling than rare apparel.  

  • soobin86
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    Sun, Nov 24 2019 12:37 PM

    I just bagged the same Foxwind Jacket from a sponsor pack, i just cant seem to find it anywhere in my Edit Apparel. Do i have to be a certain level to be able to see it? I'm a level 75.

  • dhjam1
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    Sun, Nov 24 2019 6:46 PM

    A certain apparel level,  from 1-10




  • bossbird
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    Mon, Nov 25 2019 6:12 AM

    You can also check with pro shop apparel , because every 24 hours new items of clothing are available to buy , epic and rare items too. But remember you need to pay coins each time you level up with an item of clothing so if you want to get to level 10 on any item you will have paid tens of thousands of coins to get there . I have been playing mobile forever but have only maxed out in top golf gear , but each time I play in apparel coin games if that is my chosen sponsor I get coins given back to me . Sounds complicated but isn’t really , but buying from the pro shop may be quickest way to get the widest choice of clothing . 

  • Spangled04
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    Thu, Dec 10 2020 11:31 AM

    Does anyone know if there is a list of all apparel items for each sponsor and the attributes? Thanks

  • Knuckwood
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    Wed, Dec 23 2020 11:07 PM

    Got to do it the hard way, on mobile the layout is easy to read, and assemble, use above layout of boosts to approximate, noting that Epic and Rare may add a third boost factor compared to Common