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Club Owner transfer

Mon, Feb 5 2018 11:35 AM (13 replies)
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  • BobApollo
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    Fri, Nov 24 2017 6:46 PM

    It can be the hardest thing a club owner does.  

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    Sun, Nov 26 2017 10:43 AM

    Hi Bob, I have recently had the ownership of our club, 3 Lions, transferred to myself. Our previous owner said that he didn't have the time to commit to running the club any longer but is still an active director of our club. If you feel that you may leave your members down in any way and would rather them go to another club, we are a level 19 club that have loads of club tournament's and are actively looking for players who play every day. If you want to point any of your members in our direction I would be very grateful. 

  • Stuman66
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    Mon, Nov 27 2017 2:25 PM

    Whatever the case is, communication with the members should be first and foremost. I shouldn't find out while on holiday that I've been removed from the club along with the rest of the members, seemingly out of the blue, 

    Good thing I didn't get that BB4 tattoo lol.


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    Tue, Nov 28 2017 6:38 AM

    Lol. Saved yourself the pain of a tattoo. You're more than welcome to join our club Stuman. No tattoo required lol. 

  • pdb1
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    Thu, Dec 7 2017 11:25 PM


    It can be the hardest thing a club owner does.  You never know for sure if you've got the right player for your transfer.  It can be a good plan to also leave the club you just transferred.  Remaining in the club can lead to big trouble.  The experience you have as a club owner might not matter to the new club owner.  Pointing out your mistakes as ones to avoid to the new guy can and will be considered as interfering. 

    A better answer might be to find a club with a good club owner and offer him your club members.  You know they'll go to a good club.  The ones that don't go, well you can come up with something for them and then figure what's next for yourself. Keep playing, play sometimes, whatever.  Keep the club, you can always get back into building it up again.

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  • pdb1
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    Tue, Dec 26 2017 11:04 AM

      When I first hurried past this . I knew I needed to come back . 

      Definitely one of the hardest thing a CC owner does . Also one of the most critical .I'll get back to that .

      Bob's experience moving from owner to director . And finding the new owner not open to advice or constructive criticism is a likely scenario . And maybe that doesn't happen . 

      The hard part first is to find a CC member that is willing to accept the position to resume ownership of the CC . If you suddenly were to disappear  . Or found you could no longer continue as owner . 

      Communication for some of the long time original CC's . Is a given . Some have even been connecting with their cell phones . By text or call for years now . 

      This is not the norm here in WGT . After the inception of CC's here . And every ready willing and able good CC member filled these historic CC's 

      For reasons unknown to the universe . The next couple of generations of WGTers . Did not share the same knowledge of the importance of communication . 

      Thousands upon thousands flocked into new CC's with blind abandon . Not about to answer to anyone . Not going to read any information . Not going to pay attention . or take any advice . No matter what . 

      The results are now appalling . With literally thousands of  these CC's now . With abandoned owners . Filled with 100 to 200 clueless players with recruit status . Thinking this is what a WGT CC is about . Stuck like Chuck . With no guidance  , assistance , leadership , , information . Or anyway to find out or know any better . 

      I am not exaggerating . There are those . And just as many if not more . CC's with owners with no communication whatsoever in the CC at all . 

      It is easy to blame the owners . But that would be so wrong . 

      In the case of the abandon CC's . Many of those owners . Did not just disappear and quit on them . They attempted everything they could to try and connect with their players . Many that had patience . But could take no more of the obstinate ignoring going on . 

      The owners that are still here in the CC's with no communication . Will attest to that . 

      For the most part .

      Of course there are some CC's that do not want to communicate . from the owner on down . Stagnate but fully functional CC's . 

      WGT provides a CC forum with every CC . To be used to relay every kind of pertinent information a player needs to know to have a successful and full and informed journey here in WGT . That is what it is for first and foremost . 

      That means that not only does there need to be GR8 efforts made by the owners and directors to provide all that information to the CC forum . It is a must that all members keep abreast of current and important information . 

      Here is an example of a CC with fairly good communication . 

      A CC tourney is made . Requiring the entrants use starter equipment and balls . The tournament name is " STARTERS ONLY " . There are a couple threads in the CC forum describing the details . About 3 days into the event . All of a sudden . 2 not 1 but 2 players enter the event and one finishes 9 strokes below the field . The other finishes 13 strokes under the previous lowest score . 

      Obviously these guys don't pay attention to anything . They just played the tournament with their regular equipment . And ruined the tournament . 

      I mean can you imagine how the other players feel ? Especially since it takes over a week to even get a response out of either of them ? 

      It sucks because they are good guys that didn't have a clue . So they apologize . All good . Problem solved . Right ?

      Run the tournament again . This time someone else enters and turns in a score 12 shots under the leader . This time it takes only 3 days to inform him that he ruined the tournament . he apologizes . problem solved . Right ? 

      Wrong . It happens a third time . This is when you realize that your well informed active CC is not as well informed as you thought . 

      So you post a couple long winded messages to explain that all you need is for them to keep up so that these things do not occur . 

      Eventually after 3 failed attempts at the low purse premium format . 

      It takes 3 more free ones until you complete a successful tourney . 

      You probably give up on that format after that . 

      That was all hypothetical . But could happen . And many other spoilers from the lack of informed . 

      So the guy says . i don't like social media . I ain't going to that CC forum . 

      The owner says . Lol I don't like social media either . I'm not about that . i just need you to be informed and our CC forum is how you do it . 

      Yeah okay boss . You got it man . Hey nice talk . i'll see ya on the links . later . 

      That is if you can even manage to get an actual one on one with a member . 

      So now I come back to making the arrangements for an interested member to voluntarily put himself in the position to replace you . If not right now before you lose it . But if at some point you become incapacitated . And cannot return to the CC . Or even communicate in any way . 

      Some people think that if you provide your log in information to a member . That takes care of it . 

      NOT . That is not the protocol . And only works until WGT finds out and disables both accounts . Yours and the members . And will not change or re enable it for anything . If you don't believe me . Try it . 

      No there is a proper way to relinquish ownership in WGT . That is by a fully written out agreement by the owner and his successor email . previously approved officially by WGT . 

      That's not so hard . Right . That's what has to happen . Responsible CC's will have that in place . 

      Believe it or not . It is easier said than done . That has always been a problem for many . Not finding one member that will voluntarily agree to step up now or ever . 

      Other owners have confirmed to me that this isn't easy . 

      I know this first hand . As easy as it is to join and have fun in my CC .  I started out with 90 players that signed in in 2 weeks . In the last 4 years we have been through some 513 members . Enough to run two 250 member non active non communicating CC's . 

      We have 50 members . Good members . But as many times as i have posted and asked for these things to be in place . I have received 2 phone numbers . And many no thank yous . Not one member will agree to replace me . Maybe they are too smart ? 

      If I knew I had to exit . And could no longer fulfill my ownership position . I would have to advertise here in the main forums to try and find a willing replacement . And I probably wouldn't find one here . 

      So my hats off to Bob . Who finally did find a replacement . That treated him like crap, afterwards . But he found one . 

      There is much more i could say on this subject . But this has made my first point . 


  • Ladychipper
    21,763 Posts
    Tue, Dec 26 2017 12:35 PM

    Hi Bob,

    I bet that is frustrating trying to decide what to do.  I have never had to experience this since I have not been an owner of a CC. 

    I have been with The Peoples Club since May 2013 and have never moved to another club so I don't even know what the other clubs are like.  I just know that this club has everything I want in it and some really awesome and caring people in it. 

    Just recently I have become the new recruiting director and EasyEdward is the owner so if we can help you in any way please let us know. 

    Best Wishes,

    Marion :-)

  • pdb1
    24,709 Posts
    Tue, Dec 26 2017 2:28 PM

    I have been with The Peoples Club since May 2013 and have never moved to another club so I don't even know what the other clubs are like.

      And you should be happy there forever . TPC is , has and always been the epitome example of what and how CC's can be fun and successful and large . There are only a few left . That share that high esteem . And are all fine examples .

      Thanx Marion . I will be fine . 


      I would like to add that I am only familiar with English speaking or American type CC's . 

      From what I can tell there are a number of foreign CC's that are very well run as well . 

  • Tatertots73
    141 Posts
    Sun, Feb 4 2018 9:21 PM


       Bob's experience moving from owner to director . And finding the new owner not open to advice or constructive criticism is a likely scenario . And maybe that doesn't happen . 


        So my hats off to Bob . Who finally did find a replacement . That treated him like crap, afterwards . But he found one . 


    First of all, after seeing the wall posts between you and Don, I see you have fallen on some tough times. Sorry to hear that and I hope things get better for you. 

    I just want to say how things went down in BB4 and Bob is not as described above. Almost the opposite actually. (won't explain more in public forum) And when things didn't work out with said replacement, his response was to immediately delete everyone from the club without warning nor explanation. A very selfish move if you ask me. No attempt was made to ask if anyone else was interested in taking over club ownership even on a temporary basis to save the club. Now Bob is in the club all by himself. Since he has changed his status to "Nearing WGT retirement" it looks like he is going to take a once great level 18 club down with him. 

    Most of us that were active in BB4 moved over to Don's club and are happy there building up this club with less drama. This club was just turning into a level 9 as we got there and is now a level 11 and rising.

    I hope you find someone to take your club over.

  • pdb1
    24,709 Posts
    Mon, Feb 5 2018 8:35 AM

    I just want to say how things went down in BB4 and Bob is not as described above. Almost the opposite actually.

      Many things are often not . And also often interpreted differently by many .

      Thank you for clearing that up .


    I hope you find someone to take your club over.


      Thank you . Crunch time has ignited some response in the CC . The oportunity for them to get serious and get talking is now .

      Thank you




      May the SUN always be with you


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