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Forfeit a game

Sat, Jan 26 2019 9:50 AM (23 replies)
  • Lilbuddha1
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    Sat, Jul 8 2017 2:58 PM

    Why hasn't a penalty been put on a player who forfeits a game due to many reasons such as in the process of losing. I have played other players in 3 hole or 9 hole golf and due to circumstances I can not control, the other player forfeits. Regardless of what hole we're on it costs me XPs. Rather getting 69 or more I get just a few. The player who forfeits should lose the # of extra points he would have received had he finished the game and those points should be given to the player who stays in the game. Money isn't the object of this complaint, fairness is.

        Those players who want to forfeit, let them at an expense to themselves. 

  • alosso
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    Sat, Jul 8 2017 10:18 PM

    Quitters are a PITA, but it's only an online game.

    And, as a responsible for any enterprise, would you think to keep your clients if you punish them?

  • gonfission
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    Sun, Jul 9 2017 5:18 AM

    Image result for pictures of a dominatrix

  • alosso
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    Sun, Jul 9 2017 6:32 AM

    The masochist begs: "Punish me!"

    Says the sadist: "No!!!"





    And, what would virtual, online pain be worth?

  • gonfission
    1,950 Posts
    Sun, Jul 9 2017 8:24 AM

    The admission to WGT

  • Edgey54321
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    Thu, Jul 13 2017 2:21 AM

    There is a new problem with coin games, if you are losing especially at the higher amount of coins, you can solve the problem by setting yourself for a putt, hitting it as hard as you can and then immeadiately shut down before it has stopped rolling.


    This sets the computer system at WGT into a re-connect situation and this can last for ever, the only thing you can do is cancel,  " BUT " beware if you do you as then you are the one who forfeits. This has got to be sorted as it is starting to happen more and more often. 



  • santa084
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    Sun, Jul 16 2017 6:16 PM

    if you want xp pts play the tournament. 9 - 18 holes by yourself. So only you can forfeit the game 

  • FoundDaBunker
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    Wed, Sep 20 2017 8:34 PM

    LOL, That solution sounds about as good as telling someone to keep his car parked in the garage so he doesn't waste any money on fuel.

  • AndyM37
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    Mon, Oct 30 2017 4:20 PM

    Forfeiting is so annoying, i agree that it should be penalised. Or for those that say its part of the game and WGT dont want to punish people in case they stop plaing, then just give the full XP to the player that stays in the game.



  • phred952
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    Mon, Oct 30 2017 9:25 PM
    Andy...don't hold your breath. It's been a problem for a long time with nothing changed so far. I don't see WGT doing anything about it after all this time. Learn to live with it, and try to play against friends you can trust most of the time. Good Luck and try to enjoy the game..