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Scoundrels & Wenches CC vs Calm Waters CC

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Fri, Oct 28 2016 5:29 PM (27 replies)
  • SuperKanga
    3,628 Posts
    Wed, Sep 28 2016 1:32 PM

    Matchplay Tournament beginning asap.

    Course : Best of Famous, Front 9

    Please post your match results here.

    Green naturally signifies a win.

    Good luck to both teams, and may many new friendships be forged :))

    Rob :))

  • SuperKanga
    3,628 Posts
    Fri, Sep 30 2016 1:53 PM

    Very nice of you to comment here Paul

    Thank you :))

    Rob :))

  • DH410
    1,645 Posts
    Fri, Sep 30 2016 5:26 PM

    Hello Scoundrels and Wenches/ Cool Waters CC

    I got my match in with Brenden ( Climatic)  well played on both our  games 

    brenden and i decided  that 18 would be good  he liked 18 and he used his pass for max pts  cant argue with  that  so off we went 

    if hole  i birdied  and grabbed an early lead   we halved the next 2   and  on hole 4 he got his hole back AS thru the  next few holes  and  i  took the lead back     i lost the lead due to a little thing called putting  ugh  lol   then we went AS again   i lived up to my nickname EHR ( extra holes red )  and i lost on hole 3 of extra holes   great gm  nice guy....  then great thing about these club comps   you get to meet new people and become friends  so  i will keep him  on my friends  list and  maybe get another gm... 

    Thanks   to the cool waters cc 


  • climatic
    183 Posts
    Fri, Sep 30 2016 8:05 PM

    I agree, great game. Was a pleasure playing against Dara. Very good to play with, will definitely play again some time.

  • Crazyfedexguy
    62 Posts
    Fri, Sep 30 2016 8:57 PM

    Thanks Scoundrels and Wenches and Shout out to new friend olx1900 We Played two 9's, I was up 3 on the first 9 and up 2 on the second 9. Great opponent, tks!

  • Back9magic
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    Sat, Oct 1 2016 3:36 AM

    Hi there

    Alan (bigacker) and I got our game in today. WGT did play a big deal in the match as always:))

    Alan set the match for 90 sectimer and a 60sec timer came up. So the Gremlins disqualified Alan after the second time his clock ran out. We reset the match and conceded holes until we came where we left off. He took an early lead after that. I manged to go AS and we went to nr 9. Alan hit his drive into the bunker and that left the door open I won the last hole and the match 1up

    Thank you to Alan a good golfer for a well fought game and a new friend 4 sure


    PS: thank you cool waters CC and good luck to all that still have to play

  • Thomo72
    32 Posts
    Sat, Oct 1 2016 6:06 AM

    played my game with TJW11, awesome bloke, very good player. TJ took an early lead of 3 up, i seem to find my groove and was lucky enough to walk away with a 4 up. great game and great confersation with TJ, definately keep him on the friends list.

  • Mythanatos
    2,210 Posts
    Sat, Oct 1 2016 1:24 PM

    Mythanatos 1Up in 1 extra hole against Qwikkn.

    In my match today against qwikkn. He went 1 up around 3rd hole. I squared it and went one up with 3 to play. GF started kissing on me and i hit one in the water on the long par 4 on congressional... only time i've ever done that. went back to AS. Finished up tied. I made birdie on 1st playoff hole to win. Was a good close match. Well matched up. Good guy to play. would certainly play again.



  • deputydog65
    482 Posts
    Sat, Oct 1 2016 1:24 PM

    I just have to say that it is awesome to read these post's and see that the matches were well played and new friend's were found.. Thats the whole idea of these thing's is to have fun and maybe find a new friend.. I cant wait to see and read all the up coming matches win or lose I think it's all win's when you have fun and find new friend's.. Thank's Rob for helping set this up and for having such wonderful people in your club...   Good Luck the rest of the way and HAVE FUN..