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Sun, Aug 21 2016 2:04 PM (6 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sun, Aug 14 2016 9:36 AM
       I have decided that I will follow suit with some of the other CC's . Like A P A B Country Club! And start advertising on WGT players walls .
                                 NEW ADS FOR YOU BECAUSE IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU
      Hello . This advertisement is brought to you by Valley of the SUN Casual Club C C .
      We are currently a level 12 CC . About 40 players , all tiers , all types types welcome . 
      What we have to offer is a strong base for providing the best environment for WGTers to hone their skills , lower their averages , move up in tiers . 
      We do this by offering a wide range of CC tourneys and custom in CC events . A large selection for many types of players . 
      All players welcome each other in the CC forum . It is our way of shaking hands . 
      We do not require Skype or TeamSpeak . We communicate via the CC forum and PM messaging . 
      No minimums or quotas for anything are required . We trust that you will participate as your schedule allows . 
      XP's are not a focus in VOTSCC . It is optional . If you desire to excel in that format . You are welcome to . Many do . 
      Having a visible presence , an occasional shout out , participation in some CC events and showing pride and ownership in your membership in VOTSCC sums up the typical member . Any less is not acceptable . And more is always welcome and encouraged .
      Every member is equal in every way . Your voice , opinions and suggestions are heard and respected regardless of tier , level , length of membership , gender , looks , religion , ethnicity , or hair . 
      A sense of humor is a bonus for everyone . There is so much more . 
      We extend an invitation to you and your friends to take a look , click on some links and consider joining our awesome community . 
       Our WGT CC Homepage
       Our WGT CC CC Corner thread VALLEY of the SUN C C invites

       Our open to all informative alluring website

      Thank you very much 


    May the SUN always be with you
  • PaulTon
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    Sun, Aug 14 2016 9:54 AM


  • pdb1
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    Sun, Aug 14 2016 9:59 AM

      I'm sorry Paul . This is obviously way over your head . Come back next year . 

  • SlicedPepper
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    Sun, Aug 14 2016 12:54 PM





    Can't stop laughing. 

  • pdb1
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    Sun, Aug 14 2016 1:25 PM

    Can't stop laughing. 

      That's a good sign . If you were throwing up in your mouth . I might have to think about changing my ad . 

      BTW . I get it too . Admittedly funny . 


  • pdb1
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    Sun, Aug 14 2016 2:06 PM

      Basically the same as any other CC. I'de like to think we have it together . 

      A tough group to recruit are hacks and amateurs . They rarely work out .

     . Because you are new to all of this and do not feel comfortable sharing and conversing , playing , talking , posting , inquiring . You will end up not responding . And miss out on all the benefits that will help you to be the best golfer you can be . That can only happen in a good CC . Especially a good one like ours . 

      Because you will not respond . You will be removed . Maybe attempt another CC . And sit there and do nothing and learn nothing because the other CC doesn't give a damn . That is not helpful to you at all . 

     A good CC has time for the new players . And other players willing to assist . And CC tournaments made custom for lower tiers . These tournaments are unlimited play . If you do not like the way the round is going . You can click restart in the menu and the unfinished round does not count against you at all . You can do that as many times as you like . 

      Some may not know that . And many more details and information that a good CC has for you to learn and grow . 

      There is no better way to come up in WGT than a good CC to guide you and challenge you to go beyond your expectations . 

  • pdb1
    24,737 Posts
    Sun, Aug 21 2016 2:04 PM


      It may be funny . But it's all we got .