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Guiness book records

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Wed, Feb 23 2011 6:14 PM (0 replies)
  • banebdjed
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    Wed, Feb 23 2011 6:14 PM

    John Daly has apparently hit a drive of 806 YARDS in a special event on the runway at LA airport, obviously assisted by a lot of bounce and roll of the ball. Big John Daly is, by the way, generally the longest hitter on the PGA Tour, with at least 11 wins in the long driving figures. 
    EDIT: After some investigation, and forgetting airport runways and hitting a ball in space, it would appear that Mike Austin is the holder of the "Longest Drive in a Competition" title, with a 515-yard drive, way back in 1974! John Daly's best in competition is either 414 or 440 yards. Mike Dobbyn is the current "World Long Drive" Champion, with a distance of 551 yards. 
    The longest drive recorded in a regulation golf match was a 515 yard drive shot by "Mighty" Mike Austin during the US National Seniors Open Championship on Sept. 25, 1974. Although if you consider long drive competitors, Mike Dobbyn owns this record with an amazing 551 yard record, making him the current Long Drive Champion.

    EDIT: In 1975 George Bell of Australia shot a drive of 550 yards on the 577 yard 6th hole at St. Michaels in Sydney Australia. (He three putted for birdie) Because this was not in a PGA event, the record is not recognised. Bell was also recorded as driving 319 yards on the fly at the 1971 King of the River Driving contest at Penrith. (Source: The Complete Book of Australian Golf, By Terry Smith 1978)

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    Fergus Muir made a 375-foot putt on the par-3 fifth hole at St. Andrews Eden course for a hole in one.

    The Longest Televised putt is by short-game wizard Dave Pelz at Whistling Straits in the run-up to the 2004 PGA Championship. 

    In 1981, Terry Wogan set the world record for the longest successful golf putt ever televised, which was 33 yards (30.2m) at the Gleneagles golf course in a pro-celebrity TV programme on the BBC.

    To see this putt and get more information on both, 


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    Would it be possible in WTG to beat any of the records above? and if not, surely there should be a way to make this possible no matter how tough WTG would have to make it for someone to accomplish, after-all, the celebrities above have proven drives of 400+ and even 500 yards are possible