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new sounds

Sat, Aug 5 2023 5:10 AM (40 replies)
  • suidulum
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    Wed, Oct 7 2015 9:13 AM

    If I played with a guy that constantly commented like that I'd not play with him anymore.  If there were a way to turn off that noise I'd say have it.  Instead I turned off all audio just to shut that up.   

  • duaness
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    Tue, Mar 1 2016 7:10 AM

    Sounds exactly like Curtis Strange...

  • NicklausJack
    111 Posts
    Wed, Aug 10 2016 6:17 AM

    I think you may be right!

  • K7JBQ
    1,468 Posts
    Wed, Aug 10 2016 10:25 PM

    Nice putt, Alice.

  • borntobesting
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    Thu, Aug 11 2016 11:14 AM


    go to game settings,turn off celebration sounds.fixed

    Not really. Some of the hew sounds can't be turned off unless you mute all the sound. The cough if you blow a short putt comes up even if you have the celebration sounds turned off. And I think someone said that the "That's a huge Drive" sound  happens even with the celebration sounds turned off.

  • kensabre10
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    Sat, Aug 13 2016 7:28 AM

    if you turn off your audio, and celebration sounds, ALL voices will stop. ya think this crappy site could fix some important things before introducing these nonsensical items.

  • Rajon711
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    Sun, Aug 9 2020 9:32 AM


    LOL  I agree 100%  WTHG is a "Garden Spot"?

    I have been playing golf for over 40 years and have never heard that reference.

    I am also 100% in agreement on using programers time to fix the problems instead of some stupid crap like this!!


    I've been waiting for a long, long, time.  I finally heard it yesterday on CBS' Coverage of PGA.  It was on the Daniel Berger pitch shot on the 16th around 9:30 EST.  He probably got it from playing WGT, but the Australian commentator said that Berger was "in a garden spot"!


  • GreatWhite99
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    Wed, Aug 2 2023 4:22 AM

    It would be nice if some new sounds were introduced. Like more applause. A long putt regardless of the score and a good approach (along with "beautiful shot" logo). Also for any drive landing on the fairway. I mean, it's only audio. How hard can it be?

  • ScottHope
    10,183 Posts
    Sat, Aug 5 2023 2:29 AM

    The difficulty lies not in adding the audio files, but programming in the triggers for playing those files. You wouldn't want to be complimented after shanking your drive 100 yards, even if it did end up on the fairway.

  • oneeyedjohn
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    Sat, Aug 5 2023 2:57 AM

    QUOTE "You wouldn't want to be complimented after shanking your drive 100 yards",

    but "you wanker" would be fairly amusing.

    I have 52 more posts than you Scott, which means nothing other than most of your posts are helpful, whereas mine are probably mostly shite.