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Mon, Nov 9 2015 2:51 PM (10 replies)
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  • pdb1
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    Tue, Aug 4 2015 3:22 AM

     A PLACE WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE GR8 AND THE TOURNEYS ARE well made . Just tough enough to still enjoy . Work on your skills . Lower your average . Move up in tiers . Other gr8 events . Members who will play multi player stroke or alt shot matches with you .

      Those are just some of the benefits in Valley of the SUN Casual Club .  Please just click on the following thread and read through some of the posts , click on some of the URL's . If you like what you see . Please just message me . Once we have a short exchange I will be happy to send you an invite .

    VALLEY of the SUN C C invites

      Thank you 




  • pdb1
    24,758 Posts
    Sun, Aug 9 2015 11:26 PM

  • pdb1
    24,758 Posts
    Sat, Oct 3 2015 1:30 PM
    •   The Hope 
    •   The hope for what occurs in this CC is that the very best environment is provided for all members of all tiers to enable them to hone their skills , lower their averages , and move up in tiers , and to have fun doing it with little or no other expectations .
        All that can easily be the case playing our well made CC tourneys . Friending and learning from and playing matches with all of our CC members .
        By keeping current with what sometimes is critical information posted by various members in our WGT CC Forum .
        By asking questions if unsure about any subject .
        Communication is a very big key to the success of any CC . But I am only concerned with ours .
        VOTSCC has a very tight network of long time very knowledgeable members , XLNT T-Makers . Directors , Veterans . All with access to just about anything any of us ever need .
        Thank you for joining our team . Which is exactly what we are . Everyone in the CC is pulling for everyone else at all times and has your back .
        This includes our CC tourneys which are very competative at a friendly level .
        These CC tourneys and other events like the daily BLITZ  are made to prepare us for various other matches outside the CC and to improve your play at the pace that suits you .
        CC & XP points are not the main concern here ( see all the above ) . As points will come no matter what . Each member is responsible for achieving CC XP points in an efficient and effective way according to your own schedule . There are many helpful posts in our forum and the main forum on many ways to do this .
          It is also to everyones benefit to friend every member of the CC . That is less than XX and makes our CC run much smoother .
        This is just a brief intro to some of what is good stuff to know .
        Thank you

    May the SUN always be with you
  • Bertasion
    343 Posts
    Thu, Oct 29 2015 1:51 PM

    If you are looking for a CC, you will have to search a long time to find one better than this one.  I joined 8/15/15 and am very glad that I did.  You can see that almost everyone plays every day and the members are very active.  Everyone is very willing to share insight and experience to assist you on your way up the tier ladder.  If that sounds good to you, dip your toes in the water and try it out.  Brian

  • fravel
    1,715 Posts
    Sat, Oct 31 2015 12:55 AM

    Well Brain I've been is a couple of CC now and I must say this is my best CC I have joined.

    The tournaments and people are just great,love every minute I play here. Paul and all the directors makes you feel at home and the competition inside the CC tourneys are just brilliant.The only problem I have now is that it cost me more balls because now I play more WGT, But I'm sure after the management of VOTSCC reads this they will sponsor me with some balls .............maybe not hehehe.  


    .                                         .Golf Emoticon

    If you need a new CC,well don't hesitate join this one -------->Valley of the Sun Casual Club You love it here............


  • CrustyDemon1
    657 Posts
    Sat, Oct 31 2015 1:05 AM

    Very nicely said Frank, and I can only reiterate what's already been said about this CC.

    I searched for a very long time for a CC that "ticked" all the boxes for the point where I even tried running my own, but to no avail.

    Enter the VOTSCC, and I never looked back :-}

    Everything I ever wanted or needed in a CC is here.. my search is over.

    Come try us'll love it!



  • JimQ916
    9,914 Posts
    Sun, Nov 1 2015 9:07 AM

    That says it all....we are the most  friendly, and at the same time competitive, CC here on WGT. Paul (the Owner) and the CC are currently looking to expand our Member list with quality people who are not members of any club, or a member of 1 and you aren't happy with, and are looking to help us grow. We ALWAYS have NUMEROUS events going on, including our CC Tournaments (both all play and tiered), a daily blitz (addicting as all heck), bracket tournaments (very compettive but friendly) to name only a few. We currently have 50 members and have recently accepted new recruits that are fitting in nicely and are enjoying themselves. If you're interested in joining our Club all you have to do is get a hold of Paul and he will send you an invite. Paul's Member name is PDB1.....Jim (JimQ916)

  • pdb1
    24,758 Posts
    Tue, Nov 3 2015 6:53 PM

      That's what I'm talking about . The pep rally for the CC is very cool . Just what should be posted . Thank you Brian , Frank , Kelly , Jim . The checks in the mail .

  • acetate
    101 Posts
    Thu, Nov 5 2015 9:43 AM

    I found a home in the Valley of the Sun Casual Club. What I like is that:

    • I have an assortment of tournaments from which to select to play every day.
    • Our members are friendly and helpful in all aspects of your game.
    • While we have many highly skilled players those just starting with WGT are treated as equals.
    • There is always someone available for a pickup game.
    • Our forum is a vibrant community of respectful individuals where questions can be asked, ideas can be shared and friendships developed.

    For my personal taste a 50 member country club is small enough so that you know more about members than just their account name. At the same time 50 members offers a level of competition in which you can hone your game.

    - ace

  • CTOCMRet
    143 Posts
    Mon, Nov 9 2015 2:24 PM

    I sent a request to join your club - "new legend" so average up there - 171 day playing streak - so I am very active -  more information provided upone request.





    USN Retired


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