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Fri, Oct 30 2015 5:49 PM (14 replies)
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  • BIGAL123
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    Sun, Aug 2 2015 4:19 PM


  • opyeuclid
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    Sun, Aug 2 2015 4:31 PM


  • renniw52
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    Sun, Aug 2 2015 6:11 PM

    I shot 3 deer this morning in my garden, with the camera on my cell phone. A big doe and 2 spotted fawns. I boiled a pot to get rid of human smell, put ice in it, filled it with water and set it in the garden. An hour later the little ones were drinking the water. That is now my idea of animal rights. My beans are wiped out but there are 2 happy little deer running around. Damn I have gotten weak in my old age.

  • ct690911
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    Fri, Oct 30 2015 7:54 AM


    I made a couple observations about a few idiots


      BTW I am no different or better than any of those idiots . In fact I resemble that remark .

    Thank you for the top cover Paul and Bubbs...and welcome to the "Black Sheep" Squadron...:)


    ps... "I hate to let CT take the brunt of it .  While he remains only defending his right to have an honest opinion and defending his now forum trashed honor . As I feel the same way he does."

    ...considering the hypocrisy of those who delight in doing the "trashing",  I wear it as a "badge" of

  • opyeuclid
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    Fri, Oct 30 2015 3:48 PM

    I can see both sides of that thread , How it started and the intent , And then how it turned to a different kind of honest . Some one might have used the Search for honest and just posted with out reading any of the posts ,  

    CT ,, I understand you point over there ,  Not every one is going to fill out the form with a bio , ( Hi , My name is OPY ) .    It is like any other thread here in WGT land that takes a turn and gets off topic .  

    Was the thread Hijacked ?   I say yes , on one count , From a player who needs help , asked for help , wants help , has been helped . 


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