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Thank you for Christmas in July 2015

Wed, Jul 12 2017 1:33 AM (14 replies)
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  • opyeuclid
    6,349 Posts
    Sun, Jul 12 2015 5:05 PM

    A place to say Thank you . 

     I want to say Thank You for my   "  Mr Caddie  Christmas in July gift   "  .

    We got the community together for a Good thing .




  • drmoose
    3,461 Posts
    Sun, Jul 12 2015 5:20 PM

    Yes you did, hats off to you m'friend an' all the other generous Santas. Well done.

    Doc :)

  • SKrietz
    835 Posts
    Sun, Jul 12 2015 7:15 PM

    Very well done to all great work fellas.  


    Skrietz (Cory)

  • Nicole161106
    270 Posts
    Mon, Jul 13 2015 3:41 AM

    WD to all, great generosity shown here and a special thanks to both players who sent me balls, will keep me going for a long time, thanks again.

  • Aidanspa
    385 Posts
    Mon, Jul 13 2015 6:42 AM

    Thank you to all who participated!

  • adeypa
    1,151 Posts
    Mon, Jul 13 2015 7:24 AM

    Yeah, nice job by all the Santas, and to Opy in particular for keeping this thing going, good work ! 

  • opyeuclid
    6,349 Posts
    Mon, Jul 13 2015 2:44 PM

    Thank you to all the Santa's that joined at the start . And to the Santa's that joined in after the event started , A Big Thank you to WGTShamWow and the team at WGT for working with me on the event including getting the event in the News and the pop up . The team at WGT helped to make this event  one of the best .


  • ScottyAKing
    152 Posts
    Mon, Jul 13 2015 4:51 PM

    Oh no, I missed it!  Serves me right for being the worlds biggest procrastinator.....  I was going use my first post to get on my knees and ask for a lvl 35 Ghost Spider putter.....


    A big congrats to all the recipients, and well done on the generosity of all the Santa's.


    Apologies for semi hijacking the thread.

  • Leggoman13
    6,580 Posts
    Mon, Jul 13 2015 7:19 PM

    Thank You Very Much ALL...

    Was great and fun...


  • springn
    2 Posts
    Tue, Jul 14 2015 8:32 PM

    Dear Santa's.

    Thank you for the surprise, well received here.

    Delighted. Keep up the good works, with the great game

    Good on you all.


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