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BPB #15 and #18 Strategery

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Mon, Sep 7 2009 11:15 AM (26 replies)
  • TechnicalFoul
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    Thu, Jul 9 2009 1:50 PM

    Frustration boiling over here on these 2 holes.

    #15,  I have no clue.  Bogey is a good score for me on this hole.  I've tried laying up in the fairway and hitting SW into the green, but I'm either short or long with the SW...and if I'm long, the freakin ball doesn't roll back down the 45-degree hill, as if it's stuck on the hill against a pencil.  Whatever.  Short of the green is no fun either.  I've never been on in 2 and rarely have a par putt within 20 feet.  Piss.

    #18, How do you keep it on the green?  Is there a way to fade the ball to the back right corner?  Going directly over the trap puts you over the green.  I can usually chip within 8 feet and scramble for par, but very frustrating considering I'm usually 110-130 yards out.  Would be nice to at least have a birdie putt once in a while.

  • Thetruth67
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    Thu, Jul 9 2009 2:31 PM

    Hole 15 - lay up!.  There is no advantage to going for the green since you will rarely get there ( I made it once, but had a 50 foot extreme downhill putt) and if you do you are sure to have a long winding putt.  I usually try to lay up to 55-58 yards.  From ther I hit a full 60 (65 yds)  wedge with full backspin and usually end up a yard or two from the hole. 

    Hole 18 - You are not going to stick the green because of the elevation.  You can either try to hit the fringe and let it trickle (very difficult) or have it roll off the green behind the pin and have a reasonably makeable chip from about 13 yards.

  • TechnicalFoul
    16 Posts
    Thu, Jul 9 2009 2:36 PM

    Thanks truth.  Need to wipe away the tears and try again.

  • DeuceDragon
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    Thu, Jul 9 2009 3:21 PM

    i actually have a slightly differant strategy than Truth on the 15th,

    on my 2nd shot i aim to hit the rough front left of the green somewhere @15-20yards short of the green, from there after a bit of practice you should be able to hit a flop shot(hit it harder than u think necessary) within 1yard of the pin for an easy par.

  • AvatarLee
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    Thu, Jul 9 2009 4:54 PM

    Try laying up to 60-70 yards out, then hitting a top spin 54 degree wedge (yes top spin) to the very left of the green landing it about pin high.  The ball will do a u-turn, and if executed properly should be within five feet..... but it is above the hole, the key then is knowing the tendency of the putt.  I've even holed out doing this.

    Practice and learning from mistakes is the order of the day here.


  • Doublemochaman
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    Thu, Jul 9 2009 5:01 PM

    Words from AvatarLee.  Those you can take to the bank!

  • gmurf
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    Fri, Jul 10 2009 3:24 AM

    ive 4 putted from 4 feet on 15th, the hole is my arch nemisis! anything that goes wrong in the world is due to that green on the 15th!

  • Lysti
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    Fri, Jul 10 2009 11:18 AM

    Just shot a 31 on wk28 back nine had five birdies but damn hole15! yes laid it up & went left didn't work this time bogey!  arrghhh

    oops I cursed =)

  • Snaike
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    Fri, Jul 10 2009 3:24 PM

    (ratlling the curse jar) 

    Lysti! ....25¢ please!!


  • iconian
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    Fri, Jul 10 2009 8:18 PM

    15 is a beauty :)

    when i shot my 65 on BP. i left 3 inches short on 15...i cried...then i made a 40fter on 17...and left 4inches short on 18....


    65 is 65,,, but could have been 63.


    lee's advice spot is how i doit: aim top left corner 6 yards behind flag. use bull bs, and hit proper yardage counting wind/uphill distance:)

    checkl my replay for $15, how it should be