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Mon, May 25 2015 4:01 PM (1 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sat, May 23 2015 11:24 AM

      Valley of the SUN Casual Club CC . Having just made level 9 . GR8 accomplishment for our 50 members . It is a good time for us to increase our membership . Our members now are very dedicated . With the size that we have . The daily points per day per member average that determines the weekly points . Is double the amount of a CC twice our size .For us to be In the 50th position .  Duh ! That is quite a burden for our members at the size we are . In other words if we had say around 80 members our average points would be right at the same as the 50th place .That is why this is the ideal time for us to expand and show the potential that we really have . Basically we are already very competitive and our level of play is is respectable and we can hold our own against many of the top 50 . We are increasing . But at a very slow rate . We will get there someday .Without a doubt . We are not a money or credit CC . But one with dedication to our GR8 events and tourneys . That is why it is so nice to be where we are holding our own and still climbing . 

      If you are not already in a CC . And want to be part of an up and coming very strong CC . 

      Please read our CC Corner thread 

     VALLEY of the SUN C C invites

      visit our homepage

      check out the coolest website / forum out there

      If you like what you see . Drop me a message .

      Thank you Paul



      May the SUN always be with you

  • pdb1
    24,709 Posts
    Mon, May 25 2015 4:01 PM