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I was looking for thread about quitters

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Fri, Jan 9 2015 12:48 PM (2 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Fri, Jan 9 2015 8:47 AM

    Surprisingly there aren't any recent ones. Which is a good sign. Just wanted to share this .

    I recently got a message from a perspective new member . He said he had been considering joining . Had changed his mind because he played a round with a member who had quit .
     I responded by telling him that it was undoubtedly an isolated incident . That we do not condone quitting . But that it is in the game , a prompt is provided for one to forfeit . There are millions of legitimate reasons to exit a game . personal , family , employment , emergency , health , WIFE , mental ,  kids , etc whatever . It is not against the law , although it is an inconvenience , once it happens it is history and we need to move on . 

     I asked the guy to try and get over it and take a closer look at the club . It just might provide something he wouldn't find anywhere else .

     It may appear that someone who is having a bad round just up and quits . But from my experience it is very likely that his WIFE was also yelling at him in the background .( j k ) He does not owe us any explanation . This game is fun so much of the time time and if you are on the 4th hole and already have a +6 there are times when you can stick it out and maybe recover . Other times when you just aren't having any fun and just say *** IT . Supposed to use the menu and forfeit politely . We are all human and have our moments . 

     Think how far each and everyone of us has come in this mega rollercoaster of trials and tribulations of block walls and emotions . Getting tripped up and tested by every *** thing along the way . It's a wonder we can handle it at all . 
     This game has taught me some things I really needed to learn and am very grateful for this . Might not have ever learned them . For that I am very very happy and proud to be part of this crazy WGT experience . Not to mention the friends and acquaintances and the rapore that has developed between many of you .

     I don't know about you but I have friends Ive been playing with all along that are very happy in their own clubs and we have incredible matches when we get together . I have been playing more with you club members and had some very fun matches . We might not be breaking any records but the exchange during the match is always memorable . I better shut up now .

    Thanks for listening .Paul


    May the SUN always be with you

  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Jan 9 2015 10:05 AM
  • pdb1
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    Fri, Jan 9 2015 12:48 PM

    It's possible but I think that many of those are so spontaneous . that a flashing sign in front of their face might not help . lol