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Sat, Nov 29 2014 10:59 PM (1 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sat, Nov 29 2014 8:38 PM

    Rules . Is not and has not ever been on my favorites list . 

    When I first started running my CC . A lot of players signed up fairly quickly . Started making tourneys and not getting much participation . Tried to communicate with members.

    Found out there was no such thing . So I started posting messages on each players wall .Real polite stuff with pleases and thank you's . Not easy with , at that time , 80 members .

    At least I knew then that at some point they would look on their wall and get mt messages . Just asking them if they would please participate in CC tourneys . Thank you..

    Also a message explaining that the " email all members" does not work in our club and if they could please respond . We could start a member / owner communication .

    Still nothing . Next couple of messages explained that I would like them to play at least one tourney a month .

    Still nothing . Then I messaged that it is required to play at least once a month .

    Nothing . So . If you don't participate you will regretfully be removed from the club .

    Finally I deleted 53 members all at once . Leaving 15 original members and 10 other good ones that joined a couple months later .

    Another member and myself started a recruiting spree . This time screening a little more carefully explaining that participation was mandatory . Much like most other CC's I'm sure . I waited until i had seen some participation before I made them members .

    We are back up to about 65 members now . Which for me is plenty . Especially if they are good participating , communicative , semi accessable , non complaining members.

    Which they are not .

    Which finally brings me to my topic lol . Sorry about the pain . not .

    I'm thinking that a couple rules might need to be implemented .

    Because I could care less about CC points or XP  points . I just want good participating , communicative , semi accessable , non complaining members.

    That respect an owner enough to respond to a small request . 

    A rule that disallows ignoring the owner . That's what it boils down to . I'm not trying to pry into their lives or be their buddies .

    But I put a lot of time into trying to make it a good CC experience for them . Hell I don't have any time to play . My consecutive days played resets to ZERO a couple times a week anymore .

    Disrespecting the owner by not participating in CC events . And not responding to inquiries . Will now result in consideration for immediate removal .

    Rules to live live by in my CC LOL .

    Thanx for letting me vent Paul

  • alosso
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    Sat, Nov 29 2014 10:59 PM

    IMHO, you must not beg as a owner but demand. Set up reasonable rules, publish them and enforce them.

    Probably, that's not what you want, being a polite and considerate guy from what I see here. But it's the way it works.

    You can't expect the same loyalty than in a RL club - players come and go and do mouseclicks in an online game without much thought. Many members have been active only for a few days, up to two weeks and turn away then. Others decide against the game after years and leave it without second thought of their friends or the CC.

    I want consensus in the club, but how to achieve it without many responses? I have soon come to making rules of my own, e.g. who may enter (Pro+ now), who has to leave (longer inactivity, dayfly members), and who gets access to Super Passes (tier, activity, average).

    Me thinks that my actions are reasonable, and from time to time I explain them in the CC forum and I consider any objections there, but they are rare.