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*Putting by the Numbers - UPDATE*

Mon, Feb 18 2019 2:32 PM (88 replies)
  • Joshnosh
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    Sat, Aug 29 2015 8:43 AM

    holed my longest ever putt today, and it was an eagle so bonus.

    Though this dont work at all @kiawah cause so many different breaks

  • fatdan
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    Sat, Aug 29 2015 10:25 AM

    We make this harder than it really is by just focusing on putting...

    ALL of these system work to some extent...most of the long timers learned to putt by feel because there were no systems and made it work for them...I use "MY" system and it is top secret, it is because I don't know what it is other than a combination of what works with all the other system plus feel...

    actually it is just playing more and learning the greens, and where to put the approach shot, where have I had the most success playing this hole, what distance do I want into this hole...putting really starts with the tee shot.

    My 1st swing thought on every approach shot is "Is there anyplace on this green I definitely don't want to be" that I am more focused on my tee and approach shots, my putting has shown tremendous improvement, because I only screw up half of the approach shots now, that's why I'm an average player....

    Personally I think it goes like this...

    Learn to hit the greens

    Then you learn a system/method and eliminate 3 putts....

    Get your approaches closer

    THEN perfect a putting style....


  • topace35
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    Sat, Aug 29 2015 1:36 PM

    Jc, I have been reviewing this post and I'm very interested in what you are saying but I have to admit I'm a little confused. May I send you a friend request and we can start playing a little bit so I can understand fully what you are saying? These grid distances and speeds with the dots are throwing me off big time. Would you be so kind to help me? I really want to get better and my average has just taken a total vacation which seems to be indefinite right now and I'm sick of it.

  • JCSneed
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    Sun, Aug 30 2015 8:54 PM

    Well, I'm glad to see this thread has picked up a little steam and some folks are benefitting from it. It only took almost a year for it to happen!  :)

    However, not every one is as glad as I am, apparently. NOT TO NAME NAMES, (that would be rude and unnecessarily mean spirited, and I don't know about you but my mother and father taught me some manners) but some people have tissue thin skin and infer insult aimed at themselves instead of their methods. Perhaps their insecurities are based on the inefficiencies of their systems. If their methods have any validity, then others will follow those methods and sing their praises. If other people's methods have any validity, then people will follow them and sing their praises. It's as simple as that.

    All I've done is uncover a trick about the game and shared that knowledge in as simple an explanation as I could think of.

    For those of you who have tried my method and found success that had been elusive until you tried my method, I'm glad I could help and wish you further success.

    For those of you who feel slighted and belittled, some advice:

    Suck it up, Buttercup! It's a tough, mean world out there and the faint hearted get their eggs scrambled quite often.

    "Be a Man!"


    What are you, 8 years old?! GFY, Douchebag. Go start your own thread and cry your little, all too easily offended, *** heart out there. And take your Limey Buggerboy Troll PaulTon with you.

  • Safdar1
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    Fri, Sep 4 2015 2:50 PM

    Hey JCSneed, respect to you for sharing your experience, I like reading about how people learn and help others

    A question I have based on the picture on page 1 showing how you mentally mark out 5ft 10ft 15ft etc on the grid boxes.


    It appears to me your marks indicate you expect a 20ft putt to break 3 times the amount of a 10ft putt where the dot speed is kind of average throughout the putt -  am I reading this as you intend?

  • JCSneed
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    Sat, Sep 5 2015 12:54 PM


  • msulaman
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    Sat, Apr 16 2016 6:00 PM

    Interesting thread on putting. Thanks for your tutorial JC. The key to reading the break correctly of course, is choosing the correct factor (or % flow as 11BC2 describes it) to use in adjusting the position of your aiming cursor. The biggest challenge it seems to me is how do I modify the degree of lateral movement for downhill putts! I guess that will just have to come with experience.

    How do you adjust your reading for putts that have faster break in one part of the putt and slower break in another part?

    I think a good starting point to use in estimating just how much break is 'average' is to count how many seconds it takes one of the white dots to cross one section of the putting grid (one foot). I'm starting with a hypothesis of 5 sec being 'average' and will work from there.

    I found it a bit difficult to view your photo illustrations in the first part of the thread, JC. So I took the liberty of creating my own photo which I hope is a bit clearer to see. Please let me know if it is correctly labeled.  <The ruler has been added to the photo to show scale.>

    So since this putt slopes downhill from right to left, I would place my aiming mark just to the right of the 20 line that is to the right of the hole, correct? Assuming an average break here.


  • JCSneed
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    Sun, Apr 24 2016 1:27 PM


  • SweetiePie
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    Mon, Apr 25 2016 9:34 AM

    There are different paths. It seems that the very best putters here have discovered the key of using the grid and moving beads and somehow using them together to set the aimer and make the putt. I wish I could learn and understand it, but it is much too late for any chance of it. I have used the early / late hit method for so long that I almost never touch the aimer. I suppose it is as close to "feel" as one can get in a game with no feel  ;-}

  • josephk2317
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    Mon, Apr 25 2016 10:10 PM

    I have used the early / late hit method for so long that I almost never touch the aimer. I suppose it is as close to "feel" as one can get in a game with no feel