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Twitch possibilities and enhancements

Sun, Apr 29 2018 7:10 PM (43 replies)
  • JFidanza
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    Thu, Nov 20 2014 2:07 AM

    Adding 'betterTTV' AKA 'better twitch tv' free app can give a few more options to your twitch account.

    The members who don't use twitch a lot may choose to disregard it.

    This video shows a few features, but not all of them.

  • Mushy01
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    Thu, Nov 20 2014 9:59 AM

    Readyboost is a great way to utilise a memory stick as additional ram in a windows vista and later pc ;-) 

  • JFidanza
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    Thu, Jan 15 2015 3:07 PM



    'Twitch Music Library beta

    Now include music in your broadcasts!

    Twitch is working with artists and labels to make awesome royalty-free and globally-cleared music available for use in your broadcasts. The music listed in the Twitch Music Library is safe to use for both LIVE broadcasts and VOD playback.'


  • JFidanza
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    Sat, Apr 4 2015 10:37 AM


  • jayw4862
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    Sat, Apr 4 2015 11:52 AM

    Sadly, I think the twitch dream has died out. Still wondering what specific round has to be twitched the following month by the monthly VT winners. Even though the 1st 2 winners do twitch, anyway.

    At least the 3 winners, thus far, are legit. Pretty sure the non-legit scum would (if they have a chance at winning) lay off and just take a smaller cut if the twitch rule was implemented or enforced. 

    Maybe the internet cafe fiasco killed it off. I wish WGT would try twitch one more time, though.

  • turfsand
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    Sat, Apr 4 2015 2:06 PM

    has there been any news about icons tuesday twitch games? this was becoming very popular and i for one have greatly missed watching


  • 777999
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    Sun, Apr 5 2015 12:14 PM

    Same here!

    I managed to beat him once on twitch, now I'm  looking for another shot at him!!!

    Phil  aka., Coyote

  • JFidanza
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    Sun, Apr 5 2015 5:56 PM

    This may be a little off track but a Twitch member(s) can transmit a stream about WGT without playing the game.

    It might not be as cool as playing the game but there is the opportunity where people can talk about the game, or offer tips or invite call ins, etc. etc.

    I know I would tune in if shoe, yancy, fmags, etc. were just taking about updates, methods or anything related to the game, it might be cool to try sometime.



    as you might know I tried to mix a talk show w/ the playing of the game w/ Yancy calling in:

    Note some of the enhancements I tried to use during this clip: zoom camera of the shot, insert of the caller/players, hole info, still store visual aid, cursor zoom-in angle of player.

    These are things I tried to offer to make the Twitch transmission different from other streamers and more enjoyable to the viewer.

  • JFidanza
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    Mon, May 11 2015 4:31 PM


    Here's a Twitch streamer w/ a nice channel IMHO. 

    As the OP mentions, keviseeb stream has some good features:

    'adds his voice w/ a mic'

    'interacts w/ the twitch chabox, usually with a great sense of humor'

    'titles his past broadcasts and highlights'

    'always has game sound broadcasting'

    'adds pictures to his twitch cover page'

    'adds clickable links and images to his twitch info columns'


    There are a few WGT Twitch streamers and they have gr8 channels, too.

    Another one that stream regularly is:


    Note: If you are a Twitch member, as you know you can browse games, type in 'WGT Golf' and a list of streamers will display but you can click to follow WGT games so when you click on 'following' a list of anyone who is streaming WGT will be available to browse.


  • Young46
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    Tue, Sep 8 2015 11:46 AM

    Seems to me Twitch hasn't taken off on WGT. I stream nearly every round but only see a handful of other players who also stream regularly.