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MIA - Where are they?

Sun, Mar 12 2023 8:08 PM (439 replies)
  • EasyEdward
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    Wed, Apr 8 2020 1:10 PM

    Looselugnutz - Scott - taking time out - hurry back bud, you are one of the great ones.

    Scott just checked back in and said hello  and is trying to shake off the rust...

  • alanti
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    Fri, Apr 17 2020 4:02 PM

    Scott just checked back in and said hello  and is trying to shake off the rust...

    Thanks Edward, I did see that as he left me a message.

    Time to hit him up for a game....might have a slight chance of beating him :)

    I wonder with Covid-19, how many more players we might see from the list - if you do, let me know.

    Be safe everyone.

  • craigswan
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    Sun, Apr 19 2020 2:29 AM


    Alana .

    Only in her twenties but she is now recovering from a stroke .

    I know she is a  popular player .

  • pdb1
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    Thu, Sep 17 2020 12:00 AM


      As a better memorial alternative . Out of the highest respect .I offer this collection of pics and avatars . The added visual can add some pleasant memories to one who has disappeared , passed . got lost and came back , but was missed , etc , etc .

      I have taken every entry from this thread where a request was made out of concern for their whereabouts .

      I have added a few more that I knew .

      Then I dug deep into the search . I think most all are here .

      In the cases in which either I could not connect to their link . Or their profile was disabled . I created a spot for those using the shadow dude . Then I changed that and put golf avatars in their places . Male and Female .  If out of any of those anyone has more luck finding an appropriate pic for any of those . I will change them out .

      I think you will enjoy this montage of so many held fondly .



     May your souls live in our hearts forever .



  • DocNeon
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    Thu, Sep 17 2020 9:09 AM

    Many thanks for putting together the avatar list of those no longer with us. 2DAMFLASHY was my mentor when I 1st started on WGT. He was a great guy, always willing to help us newbies. I do not play much any more but I do recall many conversations with 2DAM. 

    With great respect. 

    Mark Taylor, Greensboro, NC

  • craigswan
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    Thu, Sep 17 2020 11:12 AM

    the 2 from my club .

    alana - 23 and had a stroke . just finished getting an university degree .

    she is back playing now and recovering slowly .

    she can still whip me .


    teamonkey - had a motor bike crash last year . was badly hurt . legs and head injuries .

    company kept his job open as long as possible but had to let him go .

    in may he signed out saying he was off to get his brain sorted .

    nothing since .

  • craigswan
    28,160 Posts
    Thu, Sep 17 2020 11:13 AM

    you forgot romax paul .

  • pdb1
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    Thu, Sep 17 2020 12:13 PM




      Any others that are passed or strongly missed will be added .

      Even if they were gone and came back .

      I found 2 yesterday that have definitely passed . Who's accounts are active . No doubt by family members . 1 of them I know is a son . Quite alright .

  • Nicole161106
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    Fri, Sep 18 2020 6:25 AM

    Not heard from DAD111 (Bob) in over a year, a very generous person, he is not searchable and his posts on my wall now show no author. Hopefully he just decided to give it up rather than something else.