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millions of.........

Mon, Apr 12 2021 5:14 PM (9 replies)
  • ApexPC
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    Tue, Jun 24 2014 11:01 AM

    Millions of members that have joined WGT since it started in 2008.

    Most of those millions are no longer active. Currently active is a much smaller number, and active right now likely means some 10's of thousands.

    You can only 'join a game' that hasn't yet started.

    At any given time up to 98% of those wanting to play have already started a game.

    A better approach is to be the one that creates a game rather than joining a game someone else created. That way you get to choose the golf course and what range of tier levels you are willing play with.

    I too am a Legend, and I set the Player Invite to Tour Pro and up when I Create a Game.



  • frappefort
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    Tue, Jun 24 2014 12:15 PM

    +1 APEX ,     also  I have been around for a few years now ,and I did notice  that when summer come around there is less players available.   I think it is normal . Also Paul  you have 80+ members in your club (congrats)   you should have some to play with .......        If you do not mind playing with an  average  Tour Legend  (  average is complementing myself  more like a hack most time loll) ,   Send me an invite  .   Francois (Frapp)  PS: I always say yes to a new friend invite .

  • sweetmiffy
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    Tue, Jun 24 2014 10:00 PM


    P.S. There are probably no average T L's .Congrats.

    You're quite right. Especially when it comes to Francois (Frapp). He's the most modest person I've ever met here and his good manners are only matched by his incredible playing ability.